Our Shipping Services to All Over Africa

Every year an estimated 1500 million tons of cargo is transported through the air and sea and although air cargo only consists of 4% of total cargo, it is estimated that the value of air cargo accumulates almost a quarter of the total value of the whole cargo industry. The monumental size of the Cargo industry indicates the importance of delivering the industrial, business and personal cargo to their designated destinations.

Cargo industry has taken many strides since its inception and have brought the world together. Long gone are the days when sending something to another continent was an intricate and prolonged process that used to take months if not days. With advancements in technology it is now only a matter of days to get your cargo to anywhere, any place in the world.


Africa has had its fair share in the development of cargo industry as it has been the largest exporter of different sorts of minerals to all over the world and manpower to run the industrialized western economy. With cargo industry well familiar with African ports and contact points it is now easier than ever to send cargo to Africa.

Thinking About Sending Parcel to Anywhere in Africa?

If you are looking to send cargo, parcel, unwanted goods, excess baggage or gifts for your family back home anywhere in African continent at the most affordable prices, then we at CargotoAfrica.co.uk can help. We cover the whole of African continent from Tunisia at the top to South Africa at the bottom, from Ethiopia in the west to Mauritania in the east. We guaranty the swift and safe parcel shipping to any country, city, town, place or street in Africa.

Why choose CargoToAfrica.co.uk?

Our services to send cargo to Africa from UK are the most efficient and cost effecting way of doing such activity. Using cargotoAfrica.co.uk has its own perks. Let's have a detailed look at them.


No matter what the destination is and no matter what the circumstances are, we always have backups to ensure that your consignment is delivered at the destination in specified time limit barring natural disasters. We can handle all sorts of cargo in any shape or size.


CargotoAfrica.co.uk provide its customers a range of options within the methods of delivery, packaging options and prices offered. We understand that your requirements can differ from time to time and can differ from customer to customer so we are always adjustable.

Cheapest Prices

We assure the cheapest prices all over the United Kingdom and depending on the volume of the cargo and destination we always have special deals available for bulk cargo. We also offer seasonal sales offers that can save you even more.

Swift and Safe Shipment

We have devised a streamlined system where wasting of precious time is kept at minimum. We ensure the swift and safe shipment with best prices available. We save your valuable time through door to door cargo service so you don't have to move an inch.

Customs Procedures

Dealing with customs is time consuming and frustrating process and can delay the process of delivering for quite some time. Hiring us to deliver your cargo means that we would take care of the whole process and deal with the customs ourselves and you would not have to worry about anything.

UK Based Customer Services

CargotoAfrica.co.uk is distinguished among its competitors due to the fact that all our customer services team is based in the UK. With UK based CS team and contact numbers, it is easy and convenient for our customers to get help and get issues resolved without any delay.

Order Tracking Facility

CargotoAfrica.co.uk provides fast and reliable real time order tracking facility to all customers to ensure that they stay updated with the current location of the shipment. It does not matter that how remote your shipment is, there will always be information about the last contact point that would ensure you of the progress of the consignment.

Cargo Services Offered by CargotoAfrica.co.uk

We use different means of transportation to deliver your cargo to different destinations across Africa. Our main modes of transportation remain constant which are typically Air cargo and Sea cargo services. You can choose either of them depending on the destination, need and requirements.

Air Cargo Services to Africa

CargotoAfrica.co.uk uses Airmail as the main mode of transportation. It is the quickest and safest mode of delivering the cargo and suits best to the people who would like their cargo to be delivered quickly to any destination or country in Africa from United Kingdom.

Sea Cargo Services to Africa

Sea cargo service is cheaper mean of transportation but it can take way longer than the air cargo. Reason for taking longer varies, it is slower means of traveling and sometimes it takes longer to fil up the container load and that causes the delay. If Air mail delivers cargo in a working weeks' time then sea cargo service can easily take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the same load.

Commercial shipments from UK to Africa

CargotoAfrica.co.uk understands the serious nature of commercial shipments and importance of delivering in a timely manner. We take complete responsibility when it comes to commercial shipments from UK to Africa. We know that businesses depend on safe, swift and timely delivery of their cargo and that is exactly what we deliver. We have two choices for the ease of clients when it comes to deliver the load.


We believe that every client is important no what is the size of their delivery. LCL stands for "Less than Container Load" which means you do not have to arrange the whole container for your commercial cargo and can instead just book a place in the container and as soon as the container is full, your cargo would be on its way to your destination.


For those who have the bulk quantity of items and can manage to complete load of a container, can take advantage of the offer FCL. It stands for "Full container load" and it does exactly as it says. You book the entire container and the advantage is that it is cheaper to send the whole container load and you don't have to wait for it to be filled and delivery time is significantly lowered.

By now we have established that CargotoAfrica.co.uk is one stop solution to your every need in cargo transportation to Africa from UK and cheapest option as well. It is easy too. In just few clicks you fill in the information and we can collect it from your door step and can deliver it quickly and safely to your destination. Let us know if you have any further quires or call our dedicated help line.

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