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Sudan is situated at the crossroads of Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East. It is bordered with Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad and Libya. Sudan also has border with Red Sea. Despite the turbulent history that has plagued Sudan for most of its independent life and its southern states seceding in 2005, stripping Sudan of its Oil revenues that accounted for half the revenue and 95% of the exports, Sudan is still holding its own and attracting huge investments in infrastructure and development.

In the past sending cargo to Sudan was difficult to say the least. Civil war, difficult terrain and weak governance never made any process easier. Since there has been stability in the region, things have calmed down a bit and it has become possible to send cargo with ease to all the parts of Sudan. There are many companies sending cargo to Sudan but very few are as organized, reliable, flexible and cost effective as Cargo to Africa.

Best Choice for Sudan Cargo

We have years of experience of delivering cargo to the troubled regions of Africa and know the situation in every part of Africa. We have engaged local cargo movers in Africa who knows their areas like the back of their hands and can deliver anywhere. We are an independent company so we are flexible when it comes to special requirements. Once you order us, we take care of everything. From collecting the cargo from you to packaging it and taking care of the documentation and delivering the cargo, it all becomes our responsibilities.

UK Based Customer Services

We have established our customer support center in United Kingdom and have employed local staff so minor problems can be eradicated in timely fashion. Our customer oriented and friendly staff not only help you fixing any glitches but also help you with finding most cost-effective ways to ship your international cargo. They have years of experience in dealing with international cargo regulations and can be extremely helpful in providing solutions when sending novel item in the cargo.

Services Provided by Us for shipping to Sudan

Either you are sending a small parcel or would like to set up a chain of cargo on regular basis. Generally, there are two ways of sending the cargo. Either by Sea cargo or by Air cargo. Which ever way you choose to send the cargo, we assure cheapest shipping to Sudan from UK.

Air Cargo from UK to Sudan

In case you are sending a parcel that is smaller in size and you would like to send it as soon as possible then the safest and fastest way to send air cargo to Sudan from UK is by Air Cargo. Air cargo rates are a little higher when compared to the other means of transportation to send cargo but rest assured that our rates are still the cheapest when compared to any of our competition. It takes around 7 to 10 business days for the cargo to be delivered though it depends on the destination and circumstances as well.

Sea Shipping from UK to Sudan

If you have a considerable amount of cargo at hand and plenty of time too then Sea shipping is your best bet. It’s the most popular and commonly used way to send sea cargo to Sudan as it costs way less then Air Cargo and you can send any odd shaped cargo such as furniture or machinery without any problem.

With both air and sea cargo you can avail the door to door cargo to Sudan service which means you just order us and we would pick the cargo from your door step and package it and deliver it at your destination doorstep.

Sea shipment takes usually 5-7 weeks depending on the circumstances and destination but the rates are incredibly cheap when compared to Ari Cargo. You can send FCL which means full container load which can save you time and money or you can send your cargo via LCL which means less then container load where you can send cargo that does not fill the whole container.

Real Time Tracking

We offer our customer real time tracking of their cargo. Weather it’s a small parcel or a huge consignment, we offer real time tracking which means that our customer can see live movement of the cargo on the map. This gives enormous relief and great insight to the customer to the incredible way the cargo industry works.

Freight Forwarding to Sudan

If you are a business man and would like to inquire about the possibility of freight forwarding then do get in touch with us as we have some incredible deals for freight forwarding to Sudan and we cover the most of Africa and every destination is in our range. Be it FCL, LCL, or RORO we can help you ship your cargo to any destination in Africa. Our rates are most competitive and we provide services that are second to none.

Popular Destinations in Sudan

El Obeid
Port Sudan
Port of Sudan

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