Africa has transformed into the fastest urbanizing region of the world. Even nations like china and India are trailing in figures. There is a quiet industrial revolution brewing on the calm shores of Africa and colossal industrial powers like China and USA are in a race to invest billions in an infrastructure building revolution unlike anything the world has seen before to capture their share in the future development of this region. While in near future, there would be a lot more outgoing cargo traffic as the industrial revolution will start to bear the fruits, at this time there is a huge influx of incoming cargo traffic to Africa in the shape of industrial machinery, infrastructural cargo and luxury and lifestyle goods that is by product of the economic growth that Africa is experiencing at the moment.

Wishing to Send Cargo to Africa?

Whether you would like to send cargo to Africa from UK or wish to set up a commercial delivery chain to Africa from UK, it has become easier than ever to do so now. Times have changed and means to reach the far-flung destinations in Africa has improved. Gone are the days when sending anything to Africa was a difficult task. Current revolution has made huge changes in the way things are done in Africa and it has made the changes in a better direction. Make no mistake in understanding that cheapest way to cargo your stuff is through Sea cargo or container shipping. Container shipping has now become very fast, convenient and flexible. There are two ways of sending cargo through containers and you need to understand them both in detail as they can make a huge difference in the way you get charged for sending the cargo to Africa from UK.


FCL stands for Full Container Load. If you are sending cargo that can fill a whole container then your best bid would be to send it via FCL. This can make a huge difference in delivery time since you do not have to wait for remaining space in the container to fill up, so your container can get aboard as soon as it is full. This also have huge impact on the way it is charged as you don’t share the container with any one and it spend less time on the dock collecting storage charges. So, all in all depending on the quantity of the cargo, FCL is your best choice.


LCL stands for Less than Container Load. This type of cargo shipping comes in handy when your cargo load is not much and can be fitted in a smaller portion of the container. Its also called groupage cargo where you have to share the container with other cargo sender. It does have an effect on the timings and prices as sending the container aboard is dependent on when the container is full but this is considered most common way of sending small amounts of cargo around the world.

Why Choose Cargo To Africa?

Our services to send cargo to Africa from UK are most dynamic and economical and we have some unique advantages and perks that goes with using Cargo to Africa as your cargo carrier. We have collaborated with some of the main cargo carriers which not only help us collect your cargo from your location in the UK but also help us reach the hard to reach places in Africa. Having local partners means that no matter what the destination is or regardless of circumstances, we always have back ups to deliver your cargo at the destination barring natural disasters. We can handle any shape or size of cargo and our prices are most competitive online. Depending on the size and volume of the cargo we always have special deals being offered that you can avail. We offer a wide range of services including door to door services, express delivery, air cargo, sea cargo, excess baggage and lots more and you can choose according to your budget and circumstances. We have a prolonged experience in custom handling and can take care of your custom procedures. We offer online tracking facility in real time which means that you can track your cargo hour by hour and know where the cargo is at the exact moment. Last but not the least we have a UK based dedicated customer services center which means you are always just a dial away to get any issues resolved immediately.

How to Book Cargo with Us?

We have devised an easy to follow mechanism so you have a hassle-free transition. All you need to do is fill up the necessary details such as determine your pick up point and destination, type of cargo and description and services you require with your full name, number and email and we would provide you the free quote. Once you agree then we can collect your cargo from your doorstep and deliver it to your destination. We recommend you to give it a go and use our services for once so you can see it for your self how helpful our services are.

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