Terms and Conditions

Cargo To Africa has established standard operating procedure within its means and defined routes to carry out services. The customers must comply with the following terms and conditions.

  • When the customer authorizes Cargo To Africa, then we are entitled to work as agent and we can enter into any legal contract on behalf of customer by being a responsible agent. Cargo To Africa fulfills customer's instructions and works in the best interest of its customer.
  • In regards to the legal cancellation right, also known as "cooling off" right, you will not be able to exercise this right once your consignment has left from the company's possession. Because you have given a consent for the collection and delivery of your consignments after getting shipping services from Cargo To Africa.
  • Any person or a group or any firm on receiving end of consignments, they are not legally entitled to enforce any terms of this agreement because they are not the party in this contract. It is important to remember, (Right of third parties) Act 1999 does not apply here.
  • It is important to mention that customers are responsible for the perfect packing of their consignments, it may be packed with double walled cardboard box and contain cushioned material inside for protection. Meanwhile make sure consignment's weight does not go beyond the weight limit. Improper packing may result in decline of your consignment. Cargo To Africa will not be held responsible in such circumstances.
  • There must be a short drop note on any items that you want to ship with our cargo services.
  • There should be separate packing for each parcel. It is important to remember that the parcels packed together will be treated as prohibited items.
  • Cargo To Africa will not be answerable to any damage of items inside the carton boxes, plastic sheet and suitcases. Because it is result of poor packing of consignment by customer.
  • Cargo To Africa does not provide any guarantee of proper functioning of used electronics items shipped through us. It may include second hand TV, Laptops, mobile phones or Stereo. No complaints will be accepted in this regard.
  • Safety and security come first, it is important to mention that all the parcels, goods, items and consignments pass through scanning process. And any prohibited items found during this process, will be stopped by security forces at airports and may result in legal action against the sender. Owner of such items will be answerable for consequences. Cargo To Africa does not provide any support in this situation.
  • Cargo To Africa requires all the necessary documents in regard to commercial items. Cargo To Africa will not take any responsibility for non-declared commercial items.
  • Cargo To Africa does not provide guarantee of exact dates and times for the collection/delivery of your consignments.
  • Cargo To Africa does not give any prior notice in regard to price change.
List of Prohibited Items
  • Any items without packing or items not boxed (where box is necessary)
  • Consignments of Aerosol cans / sprays or single unit of these items
  • Airbag Modules / Airbag sensor
  • Alcohol of any type (one unit to large consignments)
  • Animal related products (including Animal skins / animal parts or meat / ivory products and ivory / furs)
  • Precious goods or articles of exceptional value (gold and silver, precious stones and metals, work of art and antiques)
  • Item or boxes with hazardous labels will not be entertained. There is separate category for that "Do not re- use old hazardous boxes"
  • Batteries of any type (car batteries or batteries of any other vehicles)
  • Cheques or Tickets without names
  • Dangerous material and goods, it includes Firearms, Radioactive material, Fireworks, Explosive, Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions.
  • Traditional weapons like Swords, knives, Chainsaw, Axe or anything with a blade of 1.5 inches or larger.
  • Mechanical items containing oil or petrol, it includes Engines with oil, Generator with fuel, Gearboxes containing oil or any smaller or larger part of machinery an engine with oil. (Make sure oil should be flushed through completely before shipping)
  • Fire Extinguishers of any category and life Jackets.
  • Perishable food items (outside the UK)
  • Items containing any gas/ compressed Air and Empty cylinders / chemicals of any type / solvents / flammable resins
  • Household items that contains flammable or corrosive liquids, it includes perfumes, drain cleaners, aftershaves, hairspray, nail vanish and remover
  • Dry Ice / Antiseptic wipes
  • Body fluids and Human Remains
  • Gels / Creams / paint / Oil / adhesives/ Liquids
  • Animals (live or dead)
  • Explicit material (Pornographic stuff)
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