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There were times when shipping anything to Africa was a mission in its self and there were countless hurdles and complications to accomplish this task. With the passage of time things started to get better and the vacuum was identified by corporations. Laws were changed, infrastructures were built necessary arrangements were made and now things have improved dramatically.

Among many efficient and noteworthy organizations, Cargo To Africa has made its name for lowest rates, widest destination portfolio and fastest service among many cargo services. Cargo To Africa has established connections with some of the world’s leading transport players and created an assured network of trustworthy and credible names to send cargo to Africa from UK. Services that Cargo To Africa offers are varied and countless but we are going to discuss door to door service that is the most convenient and popular service among others.

Fast and Secure Door to Door Shipping

Concept is easy and self-explanatory. You contact us either online or by the phone and we pick your cargo from your doorstep. You sign it off to us and from here on it becomes our responsibility to deliver it to the next destination doorstep. We take it to our ware house, package it according to international standards, make it waterproof, ship it accordingly, and within the specified time limit we deliver it to your specified destination.

Fast and secure door to door service utilize two main methods to transport your cargo to Africa.

Air Cargo Fastest Way of Shipping

Door to door air cargo is the premium service and the fastest way to transport your cargo towards your destination. If your cargo is reasonable in dimensions and weight and you would like to send it as quick as possible then you are better off sending it through air cargo. Shipment times vary from destination to destination as different arrangements are required for different destinations but general rule of thumb applies and we usually deliver within 7 working days.

Swiftness of the air cargo is its main selling point. We collect your cargo from your doorstep and package it according to international standards, complete its paperwork and within a day or two, send the cargo on its way to the destination where it gets delivered at the specified destination within 7 working days.

Sea Cargo Secure Shipping for Heavy Cargo

Door to door sea cargo is a specialized but not limited to service for heavier cargo. In case you have cargo that is odd or large in dimensions or is heavy such as machinery and shipment time is not such an important issue but safe shipment is your priority then you should opt for sea cargo. There are two ways you can arrange the sea cargo deliveries and both have different impact on delivery times and handling of your cargo.


Full container load is one way to book your cargo where you book the entire container for your load. Advantage of full container load is that you do not have to wait for the other cargo to fill the container and as soon as your load is in the container the container goes onboard and off it goes towards the destination. Safety of the cargo increases as your cargo alone is booked in the whole container.

Less than container load is the other way to book your cargo where you share the container with other cargo. If your load is less than the container’s capacity then it can impact the shipment times as you may have to wait till the container is full. It usually takes month or so to get the container full and then your cargo is sent towards its destination.

Shipment times cannot be guaranteed in sea cargo as there are many variables that cannot be controlled and an estimated time is provided for shipment comprising 2 to 3 months.

Why Choose Cargo To Africa?

There are many reasons you should choose Cargo To Africa over the others. Below are few of them for your kind viewing.

We have teamed up with some of the leading players in Shipment and cargo industry and thus can cover the most destinations not only to deliver the cargo in Africa but also to collect the cargo in UK. Our prices and surcharges are lowest of any other competitor available in United Kingdom and our service is at par with internationally established organizations. We offer real time cargo tracking that brings clarity in the delivery process and peace of mind for the client.

How to Book Your Cargo with Cargo To Africa?

We have devised a fairly straight forward approach to book your cargo with us so its trouble free process for both parties. You just enter your shipment information in the provided space and select the delivery method and you are almost there. We take care of the rest of the process and guide you on every step.

Kindly remember to give us advance notice in case your air cargo is odd shaped or is heavy so we can do necessary arrangements.

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