Cheapest Sea & Air Cargo Services to Nigeria

We are choice of all clients looking for the cheapest cargo service from UK to Nigeria. We guarantee best rates and quality service. Our well stretched out network delivers your consignments throughout Nigeria. Nigeria is a big country and the most populous in Africa. Door to door cargo from UK to Nigeria is also offered. It is the most convenient cargo service to Africa for clients. Our vast experience in cargo delivery and modern mechanism to make process extremely efficient is key of our success. We have our own freight forwarding arrangements and our experience of decades let us to offer you the most suitable goods transportation. Our clients rely on us for all their cargo needs because we offer you the most suitable for you. Delivery at threshold, port clearance and packing facility are offered to the clients.

Shipping to Nigeria

We book all different size of parcel, FCL and other big size consignment to Nigeria. Fastest cargo to Nigeria from UK is air cargo to Nigeria. Both air and sea cargo service to Nigeria is offered from anywhere in UK. You can select from these two according to your cargo type delivery needs. We guarantee the cheapest cargo rates for Nigeria.

Air cargo to Nigeria from UK

When you need fast cargo service to Nigeria then you can rely on our air cargo to Nigeria service. Value and size of goods determines mode of their transportation. People frequently use our air cargo service to deliver goods at earliest. We assure you the best rates for cargo to Nigeria. We deliver in time throughout Nigeria. We offer to all our clients free air freight quotes for Nigeria. We know importance of safe and in time delivery so we guarantee secure delivery of consignments. Time required for delivery is subject to destination and type of goods. You can send gift to Nigeria through this cargo to Africa service. You parcel to Nigeria also booked through our air cargo.

Ocean Cargo to Nigeria from UK

Nigeria is one of the biggest countries of Africa. We deliver on all six major sea ports of the country. Ocean cargo to Nigeria from UK is the most economical cargo delivery service. It is first choice of all clients due to economical rates. You either can collect consignment from our Nigeria office or can get it delivered at doorstep. Clients select mode of goods transportation and type of service as per their demand. Ultimate convenience is possible through door-to-door cargo to Nigeria from UK.

Container shipping to Nigeria

Our container shipping to Nigeria is popular among commercial consignees. Special rates are offered to clients for this service. Full container loads and less than container loads are safely delivered at Nigerian ports. Generally more days are required to deliver goods through ocean freight service so you can choose the most suitable from our cargo services.

Real Time Tracking

Clients using cargo services want to remain update about their consignments and for this we offer real time cargo tracking. No matter what size of consignment you have booked with us, our tracking service keeps will share updated location of the consignments from booking till delivery.

Freight Forwarding to Nigeria

There are numerous cargo delivery options available for our clients. We offer tailor made cargo and supply chain solutions. Our freight forwarding cargo services to Africa are reliable and trusted. Our cheapest cargo service to Nigeria does not make compromise on efficiency and quality.

UK based Customer Services 

For convenience of our clients, we have UK based customer care services. Local staff is always helpful to resolve their issues regarding cargo booking and inform them of delivery process. Our staff at customer care offices guides you to select from variety of cargo delivery options based on kind of consignment and destination. Advanced knowledge and expertise of our team guarantees smooth and safe goods transportation for all our clients. For your special cargo needs we always offer a solution to ensure the best possible arrangements.

About Nigeria

Nigeria is located in west of Africa. Southern side of the country touches Gulf of Guinea, South Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria is the biggest economy of Africa and has been expanding. Exports and imports on the rise. More than 70% of work force of the country is engaged in agriculture sector. Petroleum products are main source of income of the country. Cocoa beans and gold also significant contributors in income of the country. UK export of goods to Nigeria is less than imports from the same destination. New trade deal between UK and Nigeria could open up new opportunities for the traders in UK.

The country is famous for multi ethnicity and their events. Among physical features include rain forests, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. English is one of the official languages but limited to well off people. You witness different types of weather, equatorial in south, tropical in center and arid in north of the country.


Popular Destinations in Nigeria

Benin City
Port Harcourt

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