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Uganda is a landlocked country located in eastern Africa that borders the countries of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Tanzania while at south eastern side has a border on Lake Victoria. Uganda has transformed its self from a country with a troubled past to one of relative stability. It took independence from Britain in 1962 and has hardly seen any prosperity since. From military coup to brutal military dictatorship to disputed elections and a five-year War.

Its current government is doing its fair share to bring the country back on track. It is focusing on reviving the economy and build infrastructure. Instability and political unrest kept the foreign investments and businesses out of the region but now it’s all coming back. New infrastructure means new road and access to the wider areas means that sending cargo to Uganda is not as much difficult as it used to be. Many businesses are now running cargo to Uganda but there is hardly any, that is as reliable, efficient and secure as Cargo to Africa.

Secure and fast cargo Services to Uganda

There may be many companies running cargo to Uganda but the most important thing is to check which company is registered with the authorities. Never compromise on the reliability and experience of the cargo movers. And Cargo To Africa is reliable and experienced enough to gain your trust. We cover the most destinations within Uganda since we engage local cargo movers who have means to reach any destination from Kampala to Moyo and from Fort Portal to Mbale. Due to our experience we have extensive knowledge of custom procedures and handling and we take care of every aspect once you place your order with us.

Cargo Services We Offer to Uganda

There are two general ways that you can send cargo to Africa with. There are various factors that play part in determining what medium of transport would be better for your cargo. Our staff can guide you about the best medium of transport and how to be cost effective as well. Let’s take a detailed look.

Air Cargo from UK to Uganda

Air cargo is the most popular medium of transportation for the cargo. It is also the fastest way to send the cargo anywhere. If your parcel is not too big and heavy and is not in odd shape to be packaged then air cargo to Uganda should be your choice. Air cargo rates are usually higher when compared to other means of transportation. It takes about 7 to 10 working days to be delivered depending on the destination and barring any natural disaster.

Excess Baggage Services

In case you are traveling to Uganda and have too much luggage to carry then it could cost you huge amount of money as soon as the weight goes above the allowed limit. We can arrange to send access baggage to Uganda at a fraction of the amount and you can collect it from the airport once you reach there.

Sea Shipping from UK to Uganda

Sea shipping is the most economical medium of transportation of your cargo across the globe. In case you have cargo that is on the heavy side and in an odd shape to be packaged and you are not in a hurry for the cargo to be delivered then you can send sea cargo to Uganda. Rates of sea cargo are incredibly cheap and its extremely economical and safe medium. You can send furniture, machinery and by using the RORO method can send vehicles as well.

Sea shipment takes around 5 to 7 weeks to reach its destination in Uganda depending on the destination and barring any natural disaster. There are two ways you can book sea cargo. FCL which means Full Container Load and LCL which means Less than Container Load.

Freight Forwarding Services

For pure business purposes we also offer the freight forwarding services. Irrespective of the method you use for the freight forwarding like FCL, LCL or RORO we assure you that freight forwarding to Uganda is fast secure and cheap with us.

Realtime Tracking

We have devised a system that helps us track the cargo in real time which means that we can provide the insight to our customers of how the incredible system of cargo forwarding works. It also gives peace of mind to the customer who can see where his cargo is at the moment.

Competent UK Based Customer Services

We believe that efficient and friendly customer services that is based in United Kingdom can make a real difference in terms of quality. Our representatives can help you find the best way to send your cargo at cheapest prices and also help you guide about the custom procedures. On the other had they can be a great help once the cargo is onboard and you need additional information. We can assure you its not just customer services that is our pride and joy. We take pride in every aspect of our business and would love to help you send your cargo to Uganda safely.


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