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Somalia is situated at the easternmost side of Africa what is commonly referred as the Horn of Africa. It borders with Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti while it has Gulf of Aden at one side and Indian Ocean on the other. Somalia took independence from Italians and British in 1960 and remained victim of anarchy and unrest since. Rival warlords tore the country apart for their political gains and religion-based terrorism added fuel to the fire. After years of unrest and anarchy, finally under the current government, Somalia is inching forward to political and economic stability.

With means of transportation improving by the passage of time it is now possible to cover most of Somalia for the cargo deliveries and Cargo To Africa is one of the most reliable sources of delivering cargo in Somalia. We are proud to cover most of the destinations in the country with seamless delivering system in place.

Reliable Cargo Service to Somalia

It is important to know that the company that you are using to send cargo to Somalia is reliable so you can send the cargo with the peace of mind knowing that your cargo is in safe hands. We have experience to deliver in all destinations in Somalia and are registered with authorities. We contract local cargo runners which make it possible for us to reach the far and difficult to reach destinations within our reach. Our prior experience makes us expert to deal with the custom procedures and handling of cargo within Africa.

Services Offered by Cargo To Africa

Air cargo and Sea cargo are two main mediums of transportation when it comes to cargo moving. Choosing the medium of transportation depends on the destination, weight, shape of the cargo and the time frame that you have for the delivery. Let’s have a detailed look at the choices below.

Air Cargo from UK to Somalia

The most trusted and popular medium to send cargo is by air cargo as this is the fastest and most secure way to send cargo anywhere in the world. Even the landlocked countries can take advantage of this medium to send air cargo to Somalia without any problem. If you want your cargo to reach as soon as possible to your destination and its not on the heavy side and not in an odd shape to be packaged then air cargo is the right way to send your parcels. It usually takes 7 to 10 working days to reach at the destination depending on the destination and barring any natural disaster.

Excess Baggage Services

Airlines impose a strict weight limit on your baggage that you are allowed to carry with you and charge heavily if you exceed that limit. Easier way round this problem is that you can send excess baggage to Somalia through us. It cost way less than what you would be forced to pay by the airline and is secure as well and you can collect it once you get to the airport.

Sea Shipping to Somalia from UK

Sea shipping is beneficial when your cargo is too heavy or in odd shape or too big to be sent by air cargo. Although it takes longer to reach the destination but the rates are exceptionally low when compared to air cargo. Heavy machinery, furniture and business cargo is what you can send sea cargo to Somalia and vehicles can also be sent via sea cargo using the RORO method.

Sea cargo is delivered with 5 to 7 weeks depending on the destination and barring any natural disaster. You can send FCL which means Full Container Load or LCL which means Less Than Container Load cargo. 

Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding services are handy when freight in large quantities needed to be forwarded. You can discus with our experts to ascertain the right method such as FCL, LCL or RORO to use the freight forwarding service. It is important to know that you can use our door to door service to send cargo to Somalia with any services where we collect your cargo from your doorstep and deliver it at your destination.

Realtime Tracking

Once your cargo leaves you it becomes our responsibility and to keep you involved in the process, we provide you live real time tracking. It gives you an insight into the way the cargo industry work and you get to see hour by hour progress of your cargo.

Qualified UK Based Customer Services

Customer services play a vital role in smooth running of a cargo operation. You get vital information about choosing the right medium of transportation and custom requirements. In case you have any issues regarding the transportation once the cargo is sent, you can easily contact us to get it resolved. We suggest that you try our services your self so you can experience your self how helpful and efficient our services are.


Popular Destinations in Somalia

Port of Baraawe
Port of Berbera
Port of Kismaayo
Port of Marka
Port of Mogadishu

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