Vehicle shipping can be a daunting task and if you are planning an international move and plan to transport your vehicle across the sea or continent. Extensive custom requirements are one thing to consider and then there is the question of how to transport your vehicle safely and conveniently. International air transport for cars in extremely expensive and not feasible for ordinary cars. You should only use air cargo for transporting vehicles when the vehicle is very rare or extremely valuable. The most common method that is used for vehicle transportation is by sea cargo. It is a universally accepted method that is also the safest.

Best Option to Ship Your Vehicle to Africa

Cargo To Africa are among the best when compared to other international shipping companies. We are a trusted organization with years of experience and a vast network of satisfied customers. We offer door to door service for your vehicle shipping which means that we can pick up your vehicle from your door step and ship it to your destination and deliver it at the doorstep. We are your one stop contact to send cargo to Africa from UK, which means once you have asked us to transport the vehicle, we take responsibility of everything, from collecting the vehicle from your location to shipping arrangement at the port to dealing with documentation and finally delivering from the port to the destination. All this becomes our responsibility once its in our hands.  We offer following vehicle shipping services.

Vehicle Shipping Service We Offer

Cargo To Africa offer various types of vehicle shipping that includes different types of vehicles. Its most used service is the car shipping to Africa where you can ship your cars to Africa. Weather you are moving to Africa and would like to take your car along or just want to send the car over we have the solution for your car to be at your destination. Van shipping is another popular service whether you have a commercial or private van we can manage a safe and secure shipment of your van to Africa. Bus delivery is gaining momentum as well as Africa’s emerging economy is demanding more and more means of transportation. Truck delivery is a premium service we provide where we make sure that your precious cargo gets to Africa on time and in one piece.

If you are looking to send your vehicle within budget then the RoRo (Roll on, Roll off) is the best option where you deliver the vehicle at the port and as long as the vehicle is drivable, we load the vehicle by rolling it on and then at the destination port in Africa we roll it off. This option can save you significant amount of money and is as secured as any other shipping service that we provide.

Why Choose Cargo To Africa?

There are number of companies that are offering vehicle shipping to Africa then question arises, why should anyone choose Cargo To Africa. Well there are several reasons that we can explain. Cargo to Africa has years of experience in vehicle shipping and know this trade like no one else does. We have teamed up with some of the biggest and most efficient players in cargo industry which not only help us collect your vehicle quickly and securely but also help us ship it as quick as possible. We have created a large network of local cargo suppliers in Africa which has given us a clear advantage in Africa as those local cargo movers know the conditions and traditions of Africa better than anyone else. Our prices and surcharges are lowest of any other competitor available in United Kingdom and our service is at par with internationally established organization. We offer real time tracking facility which brings more clarity in the delivery process and peace of mind to the client as he can see hour by hour report of where his pride and joy is at the moment. Our 24/7 open customer services department is UK based which is an advantage as we can take care of any issues on either this side or other side of the ocean. We recommend you to use our services so you can see it for yourself how helpful and efficient our services are.

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