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We are trusted cargo delivering service for Zambia and this repute has been earned by client's satisfaction. Zambia is not an easy destination for cargo delivery due to civil war and unrest in different countries of the continent. In collaboration with local cargo distribution networks your cargo has successfully delivered in all parts of Zambia. We are independent and our experience of decades let us offer you the most suitable cargo solution. We offer you complete cargo solution and take care of the consignments once you hand over these to us. Picking from your doorstep to delivering at threshold of the receiver, packing, if needed and taking responsibility of documentation takes away all your worries.

Services provided by us for shipping to Zambia 

We entertain small individual parcels as well as needs of complete supply chain for commercial cargo needs. Usually there are two means of cargo transportation to destinations around the globe, sea and air cargo. Zambia being a landlocked country has direct option of air cargo only. We guarantee the cheapest cargo service to Zambia from UK.

Air cargo to Zambia from UK

When size of your consignment is small and you want it to get delivered at the earliest then use our fastest cargo to Zambia service. It is air cargo to Zambia from UK and we assure you the best rate for this safest cargo delivery option. Charges for air cargo service is higher than other means of goods transportation but we assure you the lowest rates as compare to competitors. In routine it takes 7 to 10 working days to deliver a consignment to a destination in Africa. Time require for delivery subject to destination and type of goods. Clients send gift to Zambia through this mode of delivery of goods. Small parcel to Zambia also booked through our air cargo.

Ocean Cargo to Zambia from UK

Zambia is a landlocked country and no direct access to any seaport but through neighboring countries. Usually transit trade is allowed for such countries so after reaching a seaport goods are transported through roads. Sea cargo to Zambia reaches at port of neighboring countries. It will require more time and also add to the cost of cargo. We offer both sea and air cargo service for Zambia. Door to door cargo to Zambia service is ideal for clients because all responsibility lies at us from collecting a consignment to safely delivering at doorstep of receiver.

Container shipping to Zambia

Bigger consignments are sent through this means so full container loads FCL and less than container load LCL are booked to save money for ocean cargo service. Generally up to 7 week time require to deliver goods through ocean cargo service. We offer multiple choices for send car to Zambia.

Real Time Tracking 

Clients want to remain update about their consignments and for this we offer real time tracking to their satisfaction. No matter what size of consignment you have booked with us, we offer you to view live movement of your consignment. It is all about offering satisfaction to the clients and we ensure it at every step. 

Freight Forwarding to Zambia 

For traders and commercial freight forwarding requirements we offer you multiple solutions for freight forwarding to Zambia as we do for other African destinations. Our cheapest cargo service to Africa is of high quality and it is evident from our clients' satisfaction.

UK based Customer Services 

Our customer care service is present in United Kingdom so that your petty issues resolved by local staff at time of booking. Our staff at customer care offices guides you and let you choose the most cost effective cargo delivery option based on kind of consignment and destination. Knowledge and experience of our staff keeps your goods transportation smooth and safe. When you need special cargo service for your precious and sensitive articles we offer you there best possible arrangements. 

About Zambia

Zambia is southern Africa country, surrounded by eight countries of the continent. Nearby countries have access to ocean No opening to sea makes it dependent on other countries for trade through sea routes. Tough tracks through landscape of wildlife rich country creates natural settings for safari parks throughout the country. Tourists and researchers having interest in wildlife finds it perfect place for frequent visits. Victoria fall on border of Zimbabwe diversified landscape further. Industry based on mining and agricultural products. Copper and precious stone mining also important for the country. Leather and textile products are exported through air cargo. Trade balance of Zambia as its imports almost equal to exports of the country.

The country has great potential for growth so international trade can be manifold. Many cargo companies, mainly air cargo, cater goods transportation needs of the country. Few of them enjoy high reliability and offer flexible and cost effective cargo to Zambia service as cargo to Africa. We have reliable cargo services to get you through the region. Trust us and you will not regret.


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