Cheapest Shipping of Unaccompanied Baggage to Africa

Traveling light is a blessing no one can deny. No need to drag your belongings through home, taxi and airport terminals. You breeze through the customs, and travel stress free. But to achieve this blessing you need proper early planning and a helping hand from excess baggage handlers. Weather you are moving abroad, going for a prolonged vacation or going to study abroad you need your must have belongings that can make your life a lot easier when at the other destination. Carrying everything with you is a bad idea as not only it can make your journey arduous but would put you in trouble with authorities at customs as well.

There is only a certain limit allowed by every airline that you can carry weight wise. Once you go above that weight by more than 0.5 kg, “excess baggage” charges would apply. These charges are forced upon by airlines and are expensive (as much as £50 per kg). Best way to avoid those charges is to plan ahead and send the excess cargo as excess baggage via Cargo To Africa. This can save you from stress at the check in counter and can help you travel light.

How Does Excess Baggage Works?

In case you have excess baggage that is very important for you once you reach your next destination. Instead of dragging it with you during all your traveling, and paying an extortionate amount for carrying it with you, you can easily plan ahead and book your excess luggage with us. Difference between the excess baggage when charged on the check in counter and when you book It with Cargo To Africa is mind blowing. We take all your pain and make it a smooth transaction when you reach at your destination.

Easy Process of Booking Excess Baggage 

We understand that online booking processes can be a little daunting and for this reason we have devised a streamlined process that is easy to adopt and can be used by anyone. You can follow those easy steps to send cargo to Africa from UK and we can guide you at each step if needed.

You are requested to take following steps to get things done. You go on the website and fill in the necessary details such as collection address, destination address, type of cargo, description and your contact details and you are halfway there. We would send you a free quote and upon agreeing on that quote, we would send you the packing material for your cargo to be packaged according to the international standards. We would collect the cargo from your doorstep and can store it to our warehouses for as long as necessary and would send it accordingly so it reaches the destination just before you get there. By engaging Cargo To Africa, you can buy pass all the stress of accompanying the heavy baggage during traveling and the difficulty of paperwork and we take care of your excess baggage from your doorstep to your destination’s airport.

Depending upon your needs you can choose either air freight or sea freight delivery. Ari freight is a choice that you use when you need a quick and safe transaction of your excess baggage and your cargo is not extraordinarily heavy weight. Sea freight is a viable option when delivery time is not an issue and the cargo is either odd shaped or extra heavy. If you can book sea freight well in advance then it is guaranteed to be at your destinations port before you reach there.

Why Choose Cargo To Africa?

There are several services and points that make Cargo To Africa stand out from the competition.

Our prices are most competitive for the region and in the region. We guarantee a price promise for similar services. We work with some of the biggest and most influential players in cargo industry which not only makes it possible for us to collect the deliveries efficiently but also help us deliver the cargo to the most remote and inaccessible areas safely and swiftly. We have several experts who deal with customs procedures day in day out so we could take care of your cargo and customs problems with the help of experts and can deliver on the promise to transport your cargo anywhere within time limit. Our order tracking facility is most advanced in the world and can give you real time location of your cargo in minute details. Our UK based customer services and contact numbers means it’s easy and convenient for our customers in United Kingdom to acquire help and get their issues resolved immediately without any delay. We cover the most destinations in Africa even the unreachable and far flung destinations that are hard to reach by normal means of transportation are now within reach thanks to our special arrangements with local cargo companies and local governments. We assure you that once you use our services, you would not only use it again but would recommend others to use it as well, such is our confidence on our services.

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