Air and Sea Cargo to Gambia

Gambia is a country situated in the west Africa bordering the North Atlantic Ocean in the west. It is the smallest mainland African country and is also called smiling coast of Africa. It is an oddly shaped country that is mainly situated around the Gambia river and has Senegal as its neighbor on all three sides. It used to be a colony of British empire when Senegal was ruled by French at the time. It took independence from British in 1965 and has enjoyed long spells of stability, although it has not transpired into prosperity as the democratic values were kept at the back during the rule of its entire history.

Surprisingly though, the road infrastructure is admirably clean and Gambia is reachable from point a to point b. A road network connects the whole country from Serrekunda to Koina. Due to its geographical oddity it is not easy to access Gambia and since it only has one international airport situated in the capital city, it become difficult sometimes to guarantee the easy access to the rest of the country.

Dependable Cargo Service from UK to Gambia

Cargo To Africa has years of experience to send cargo to Gambia therefore has established a remarkable network of facilities and trained staff along with fast and secure means of transportation. Before handing your cargo for shipment it is always recommended that you check how reliable is the cargo company and Cargo To Africa has its reliability proven with its continuous services that it provides within UK and Africa in general and in Gambia in particular.

Services offered for Gambia

Gambia is not a landlocked country and can be reached by both land and sea so that makes it easier in respect of reachability but it’s a small country and not many airlines deem it to be a profitable destination but thanks to its colonial roots UK enjoys a special relationship and Thomas Cook airlines still operates here. It has its own coastline that opens the doors for the Sea shipment as well. Let’s have a look that what services are on offer here.

Air Cargo from UK to Gambia

Out of the two main mediums of cargo movement, Air cargo is most popular due to its swiftness and reachability. If you would like your cargo to reach your destination as soon as possible and your cargo is not too heavy, big or odd shaped then air cargo is the best medium to use. It usually take five to seven working days to send air cargo to Gambia depending on the destination and barring any natural disaster.

Excess Baggage Service to Gambia

Whenever you traveling to Gambia and Have baggage that is heavier than the allowed limit then it is understood that the airline would charge you an extortionate amount for it. To avoid such situation, you can send excess baggage to Gambia service, we take your extra baggage and deliver it to the destination airport before you arrive there. All you need to do is to collect it when you reach your destination airport and save loads of money.

Sea Shipping from UK to Gambia

Sea shipping is responsible around 70% of the cargo movement in the world. If you have your cargo on the heavy side and it may carry a lot of space then sea shipping is more beneficial for you. It cost less than half the price of air shipping to send Sea cargo to Gambia and is as secured as air shipping. The only downside is that it takes longer to reach the destination. It takes around five to seven weeks to reach the destination depending on the place and barring any natural disaster.

Freight Forwarding Services

For business purposes we offer freight forwarding to Gambia services where we can transport your business cargo any where in Gambia for you. There are few established ways to do this such as FCL which means full container load and this means you book a full container which can be shipped immediately once its loaded. LCL means less than container load and this means you share the container and it only gets shipped once the container is full. RORO method is used to transport vehicles.

It is important to know that we offer door to door cargo service to Gambia with all mediums and services of transport.

Competent and Friendly UK Based Customer Service

It is of paramount importance for us to provide you the services you deserve as our esteemed customers. Our qualified and competent UK based customer services staff not only can give you great advice regarding the most economical and secure way of your cargo transportation but can also help you deal with customs procedures. And once the cargo is onboard and on its way to the destination, you can contact the CS department for the information and to resolve any inconvenience as well.

Realtime Tracking

Since we collaborate with some of the biggest players in cargo movement, we are able to provide the live tracking from the moment your cargo leaves your destination. It enables you to get an incredible insight on how cargo industry works and operates. Customer also gets the peace of mind as he can clearly see where his cargo is at the precise moment.


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