Cheapest Parcel Shipping to Africa from UK

Just a few years back, shipping parcels to far flung destinations in Africa was a complicated task that would make you anxious. There were many variables that needed to be controlled. Air and road routes were not properly established and nonexistent in most cases. Destabilized governments and managements meant a safe and on time delivery cannot be promised. Things have changed dramatically since and a network of air traffic and roads have been established and Africa is now an emerging economical flashpoint that is attracting the attention of many established economic powers.

Cargo To Africa has established itself as the major player in Cargo industry over the recent years and offering the most coverage in Africa with best services like available and most competitive rates by any cargo transporter in Africa. Cargo To Africa is the most trusted name in sending cargo to Africa from UK.

Shipping Parcel to Africa? Let us Help You

If you are thinking about shipping parcel to Africa then you are at the right place. We at Cargo To Africa are specialists as far as destinations in Africa are concerned. We have the largest portfolio of destinations and cover the whole Africa from Tunisia to south Africa and from Ethiopia to Mauritania, we have got Africa covered for your service and we work in co operation with some of the largest players in cargo industry and this is the reason not only we can work swiftly within the UK for the collection of the cargo but also are efficient in Africa when it comes to deliver in hard to reach destinations.

Types of Parcel Services on Offer

 There are three ways that you can send your parcel to Africa. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Air Parcel Delivery

Air parcel delivery is the sure-fire way of getting your parcel delivered in quick time and safely to your destination in Africa. Air parcel is advised when your parcel is not too big or heavy in size and is not odd shaped and can be packaged easily. You can either drop your parcel at our warehouse location or can order door to door air parcel delivery where we collect your parcel from your doorstep and deliver it by air cargo at your destination doorstep. Delivery timings depend on destinations.

Parcel Shipment by Sea

If your parcel is odd shaped or too big for a normal delivery or too heavy and delivery time is not such an issue as safe transportation is then we would recommend to send it through sea cargo. It also saves you a lot of money as sea shipment is way cheaper than air cargo. Delivery times may be a little longer depending on the destination but quality of our service is never compromised.

Courier Parcel Delivery

This is our quickest service for parcel delivery. We can collect the parcel from your doorstep and prioritize the shipment through air mail. You are guaranteed to get the parcel delivered with the specified time frame.

Why Choose Cargo To Africa?

There are many companies operating to send parcel to Africa from UK so why would one choose our services?

Well for starters we are affordable. Our rates are competitive and cheapest in the competition. What ever your destination is and what ever the circumstances are we can always ensure to deliver your parcel within specified time limit. We offer many services so you can choose according to your needs and your budget. Our streamlined system assures that there is minimum time wasting and the shipment is dispatched as soon as possible. We offer real time tracking of the shipment so the customer can clearly see that where his shipment is at the moment and what could be the possible time of delivery. We navigate our customers from the customs procedures as well so they do not face any difficulty. Our UK based customer services are most efficient and always there for help. We can go on and on about the advantages that you enjoy when doing business with us but the best way to know is if you experience our services yourself. So, you can get the first hand experience of our efficient and helpful services.

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