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Zimbabwe is a land of rich tradition and dramatic contrasts. From Kalahari Desert to Victoria falls this country has everything in terms of landscape. You move from mountains to deserts to lakes and rivers and admire the beauty of this landlocked land of brave. Zimbabwe was formally known as Rhodesia and became a British Colony in early 1800s and gained independence in 1980.  Zimbabwe is situated in the promising part of southern Africa. It’s a landlocked country so has South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique as its neighbors.

Means of transportation have always been the weakest point of this country as the main roads and railway track only connect the mainly white settlements and do not cover the whole country. Delivering cargo in every part of this country was way more difficult in the past due to unstable circumstances and weak infrastructure but recent developments have made it easy for free movement and economic activities. There are many companies delivering cargo to Zimbabwe and we are one of the top and most convenient organization in this trade.

Efficient Cargo Services to Zimbabwe

Experience counts a lot when it comes to cargo services. Always make sure that you are sending your cargo by reliable and experienced cargo movers and there is no better choice than Cargo To Africa when it comes to send cargo to Zimbabwe. We engage local cargo movers in Zimbabwe who have long established their networks deep in Zimbabwe and thus we cover the most destinations in Zimbabwe. We being an independent company, can accommodate your special requirements without any issues. Once you order, we take care of every aspect and leave you without any stress and deliver your cargo within the mentioned time frame.

Ways to Send Cargo to Zimbabwe

It does not matter what kind of cargo you are planning to send to Zimbabwe, generally there are two ways that you can send cargo to Zimbabwe. Either by Air cargo or by Sea cargo. We assure you that regardless of the medium, we provide you cheapest rates to shipping to Zimbabwe from UK.

Air Cargo from UK to Zimbabwe

Air cargo is the fastest way to send your cargo anywhere in the world. If you are sending cargo that is not too big or heavy in size and is not in odd shape then air cargo is your best choice. Air cargo to Zimbabwe is the most popular service and is most widely used. Air cargo rates are a little higher when compared to the other means of transportations. It takes approximately 7 to 10 days to be delivered depending on the destination and circumstances.

Excess Baggage Services

If you are going to Zimbabwe and have too much baggage with you then it may cost you a fortune as soon as it goes above the allowed limit. You can send excess baggage to Zimbabwe through us and it would cost way less and you can receive the baggage at the airport once you reach there.

Sea Shipping from UK to Zimbabwe

For heavier cargo and odd shaped parcels, the best medium is sea shipping. It’s the most economical way to send cargo anywhere in the world. Its cost way less to send sea cargo to Zimbabwe than what it cost by air cargo. All sorts of heavy cargo is sent by sea shipping such as heavy machinery, furniture and even with the RORO method we can arrange to send vehicles to Zimbabwe as well.

Sea shipment takes usually 5 to 7 weeks to reach to Zimbabwe depending on destination and circumstances but the rates are incredibly cheap when compared to Air cargo. There are two ways to send sea shipment. FCL which is full container load and LCL which means Less than container load. It is important to remember that we have door to door cargo to Zimbabwe service that can be availed at any service either by air or sea.

Freight Forwarding Services for Zimbabwe

For the business purposes you send the business load through our freight forwarding to Zimbabwe service where you get incredible deals while covering the whole Zimbabwe. It can be FCL, LCL or RORO, we can help you ship your cargo to any destination with a service that is second to none and prices that are the most competitive around United Kingdom.

Friendly Customer Services in UK

We have friendly and efficient customer services based in United Kingdom that can not only help you out choosing the right deal and medium of transport for your cargo but also suggest you the way round the customs and are capable of helping you incase you face any issue in the delivery.

Real Time Tracking

We have agreements to the leading cargo movers every step of the way. Weather it’s a small parcel or huge consignment, we provide real time tracking which means that customer can see live movement of the cargo which gives peace of mind to our customers.


Popular Destinations in Zimbabwe

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