Send All Types of Cars to Nigeria

You are moving to Nigeria from UK and want your car to be with you, and this is not the only scenario do one need to take the car along. There can be a business moving or it can be a purchase case. So, in any of the above situations a cargo company is what you need. We send your vehicles to Nigeria safely and make sure that it is handed over to the right person. If you want then take the car from port yourself or we can arrange it. With our door-to-door service. We know it is a big investment so there is trained staff to assure that every car is loaded and unloaded safely. For the booking you can contact us on our website or take the phone number and call us.

We can be of help in any cargo problem and our UK based team is going to be there for you until unless there is a satisfactory solution. The shipment is going to take some time but your car is going to be safe. The traveling cost is kept lower so that the customer can even send the cars in bulk as well if required. It is difficult to leave back your expensive purchase so book it with us and we promise that your cargo to Nigeria is going to be delivered perfectly.

Door to Door Service

If it is difficult for you to get to our location, no worries, we are going to help you out to send cargo to Africa. Our door-to-door service is going to be the solution. Not every area is near our location but it is not a problem to reach the area even if it is far away. We have a set goal and that is to facilitate our customer in every way. We pick your car and drop it to one of the ports in UK and after reaching Nigeria we are there to take it to final destination.

With proper buckling your car is safe

Whether you choose the sea cargo to Nigeria or air cargo to Nigeria, in both the cases your car is fastened well to avoid any disaster in any situation. Slipping and hitting will definitely cause a lot of damage so to avoid that the cars are kept tightly on spot. There is a systematic way of loading and unloading so the crew follows it strictly so that there is no collision. So, no need to worry about the safety or on-board situation. Everything is well handled and taken care of during the journey.

We update the status of cargo now and then

We know where your cargo is and we want you to know as well. This is done to keep the peace of mind of the client. You may be sending life time savings in shape of your car and we know and appreciate that. Also, when you pay for purchasing a car in UK and want it to be sent in Nigeria there is a lot of stress. While using our tracking service you can know where the cargo reached at a specific time and when it will reach you. Your lot of loads on shoulders get relieved.

Your time limit decides the medium

You can send your car via air freight or you can choose the sea cargo in both the cases it is your requirement that decides which one to pick. If you are in a hurry then going for our air cargo service and if time limit is not there then sea freight is going to be the best choice. It is cheaper and especially for sending bulk the sea cargo is adopted commonly. If you cannot decide then our customer services can provide a helping hand.

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