Send All Types of Cars, Vans, Trucks from UK to Nigeria

No matter what size the vehicle to be sent, there is always a risk involved. So, to get rid of any doubts trust us for sending your vehicle. It can be of any type or any size. Whatever Nigerian authorities does not restrict; we send form UK. If you are planning a shift from UK to Nigeria, we can send your car or van and all other vehicles to Nigeria from UK. We also deal in commercial vehicle shipping. You can either choose sea cargo or air cargo. Both the ways are safe and feasible to send the vehicle. But if you are in a rush then air freight will suit you the most. Otherwise, sea cargo to Nigeria is usually chosen for the purpose.

Especially when there is a bulk to be sent and there is no time restriction, then our sea cargo service is for you. In case for business purposes where larger vehicles like trucks and busses are involved. Choose us, and the consignment will be on time. You can pick from our number of services according to your convenience. You can book and take your vehicle on your own. For an easier approach let us take the load off your shoulders. We can deliver and take your vehicle with our door-to-door service cargo to Africa. This is a very easier and safe way of sending your vehicle.

Sending vehicle to Nigeria from UK through air cargo

Air cargo to Nigeria is the answer to many quick deliveries. Your vehicle can travel safely in an airline with us. We offer cheapest rates and also the guarantee that your car, van, bus or even truck is safe with us. This is the quickest way to transport your cargo to Nigeria from UK. Especially when you are moving to Nigeria and need your car there on urgent bases this is it. Our loading and unloading crew are going to be careful while doing the tasks. So that there is no harm to your vehicle on the way.

Use sea cargo with cheap rates to Nigeria from UK

Using the sea freight for vehicle sending is preferred by most of the people when sending in bulk or lower rates are needed. Our sea cargo service is kept as cheaper as it can be. There are special deals for regular customers while new ones are also facilitated with our excellent service standard. Book your vehicle leaving to us the rest of the work. Whether it is air cargo or sea cargo every procedure is well taken care of. When the papers of your vehicle are complete there is no way, it will not reach the destination in Nigeria.

Know where the vehicle is

We give efficient tracking facility to our customers. Out online staff make sure to give the right information immediately after they get it. The updated location gives the customer a hint to how much time is left for delivery. It also means to the customer that the vehicle is safe and in one piece. We know there is a lot of investment at your end in the vehicle or vehicles being sent. That is why we are very careful with the consignment.

Choose the service that fits your requirement

There are a number of services that we offer for sending vehicle to Nigeria from UK. There are also present many containers that can be used for the purpose. You can either choose yourself or let us pock it for you. We have suggestions for you if you contact our customer services. Our customer services are all around UK and so are out branches. If you have the slightest doubt about sending your vehicle to Nigeria from UK, we are here to guide.

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