Send Parcels from UK to Nigeria, Cheapest Shipping Prices

You want safe delivery of your cargo to Nigeria from UK? Avail our services. We are here to take care of your parcels no matter what the size it is. There is no restriction on the size. You can send it through air or by sea. Just change a bit technique of your packing and the parcel can fit any of the above mediums. Like any other cargo your parcels can reach our service point in many ways. If you prefer to take it all the way to us it’s okay. But if the distance is more and you cannot drop it yourself due to any reason at all we are here to help. Our door-to-door service will be your helping hand here. Contacting us is going to solve many issues regarding your parcels. We are always there to improve our services for you.

Also, we make sure to keep our rates as low as possible. Your worthy parcels are in safe hands. No matter the medium is air cargo or it is sea cargo through every way our team has specialized members. They keep the parcel in place and delivers safely according to address. Once on the go we are solely responsible for every procedure and you do not have to worry about anything.

Have The Parcel to Nigeria from UK Collected by Us?

Our door-to-door service is especially for the customers who find it difficult to reach us. We can personally pick up your parcel and then the same procedure follows. At the end of the journey, we drop the parcel to the mentioned address. Whether it is an office, house, apartment or any place at all. Our service is for anywhere in UK. This service is for both the modes whether it be air freight or sea freight. We take your cargo to Africa and drop it on door step of the written address. There has to be the right address so that we can assure a safe and accurate delivery on in time.

We Are There to Take Care of Fragile Items

Your parcel is important to you and we know that. With us at work our team remain careful throughout the journey. Especially when there is a fragile item inside. We take care to keep the upside up. Once receiving a parcel marked fragile there is nothing more important to the crew on board to keep it unbreakable. With your careful packing and a good stuffing around the object the journey will be harmless. So, it does not matter what you want to send we are there to take it with us. Pack the item with write insulation and the rest of the work is ours. For any assistance our customer service is there to guide.

Our Tracking Service is Always Up to Date

Until unless there is a serious problem in the network, we always make sure that our customers get the correct information whenever they want. We understand that you want to know where the parcel is and in how much time it is going to reach the destination. We update the tracking every now and then so that the latest location displays. No matter what you are sending there always a concern at customer’s part that it reaches safe and sound. Exact tracking increases the trust in the service provider and also provide the estimated time at which the parcel will arrive.

Choose The Medium Without Doubt

Whatever the size of the parcel and also its nature, both air and sea cargo are open to choose. Only the perishable items that are time bound to reach in its original state are advised to send through air freight. Any of the rest of the items can be send by sea and air freight. With proper packing and the right documentation there is no doubt that your parcel is going to reach Nigeria from UK.

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