Send Door to Door Cargo to Anywhere in Nigeria from UK

We are the experts for sending cargo to Nigeria from UK. We have reliable customers base who are always trusting us for the services. Door to door service is one of our specialized area. You can see quotes on our online page and can contact us for further queries if any. We are spread throughout UK so there is not going to be a problem finding us. Also, we can pick your cargo from any-where in UK and then send the cargo to Africa at the exact address. People are turning more and more towards door-to-door service due to the prevailing pandemic. As soon as your cargo is ready to go contact us and we will take it from you. This service allows one to stay at home and not go to the office for doing formalities and handing over cargo. Your cargo may be of any size it is going to be picked up and from there our work starts.

There is No Restriction of Items for Door-To-Door Service to Nigeria from UK

Other than the items that are under restricted item list from the government of Nigeria there is nothing we cannot transport through this service. Our customer can measure the parcel and decide which way of cargo transfer will be appropriate. We are also there to help if in any case you are unsure about the matter. We have professionals to give the best advice. We can also suggest the best way of packing the cargo so that it is safe from every angle.

Choose the transport according to size of the cargo

We are always there to carry the burden off your shoulders. Firstly, you are free to choose the transport. But be very careful in reading the instructions or listening from our customer service. By knowing the dimensions of the package, it will be easier for us to send the right vehicle. The volume of your cargo also decides on which vehicle should the workers carry it. If mislead in any way there is going to be a problem and waste of time. So, to spare yourself from the headache contact us earlier. Also, the right credentials are as much important as any of the other steps. We are there to get your parcel at the door step of the recipient but a wrong information can do a lot of harm.

The nature of cargo will decide which way to go

We take all the perishable goods by air cargo to Nigeria as it is fast. The temperature sensitive food items, flowers or medicines that are to reach the receiver fast should be by air. Other items that are not going to get harm if more time taken can be sent by sea cargo to Nigeria. We are expert in both the carriers and your cargo to Nigeria from UK is always in good hands. Door to door cargo is offered in both the cases. We have good connections with transporters to get your goods to the destination without delay. As the cargo lands a port our reliable people get the cargo and start the journey for final stop.

We are there to solve your issues regarding cargo

There is no way we are backing up at your any of the issues. Our door-to-door service is one of the very best and with best rates. We are there to serve you in any way we can. Our staff present at the customer service is trained to facilitate the customer in the best way. One way or another Everyone can get stuck at a point. We make sure it is not the end. You just have to tell us your issue and it will be solved in no time.

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