Container Shipping from UK to Somalia

Whenever your freight volume increases it is always safe to send the whole cargo in a container. For one thing it is in the same place which means the theft and lost possibility is not present. We offer different sizes and types of containers to make your cargo transfer safe and unharmed. With us you do not have to compromise and there will be an option for everyone here. We understand that the nature of cargo determines which container fits. You tell us the type and volume of cargo and we suggest the right container. Our shipping to Somalia services remains same for air and sea freight for containers.

However huge cargo travels more appropriately through sea freight. It does not impose any weight or size limitation. But keep a flexible schedule to avail the service. You can also choose from our different services and go for the one that fits your requirements. Once you hand over the container to us we are fully aware of the importance and the professionals handles it accordingly.

Air Freight accommodates every type freight

We have special containers for the items that are sensitive to temperature having less shelf life. These are going to remain unspoiled throughout the course of journey and the people on flight check and double check the containers every now and then. Also when urgent need arises with an important event approaching or a medicine or vaccine urgently need to be transferred our air freight service is the one that people benefit from. With our less rates you will never feel hesitant to book the cargo with us. For any further information contact us to clear doubts.

Send any thing through our sea freight

We have the best sea freight service in the market. You can know the rates prior booking and we are confident that these will be lower than others. With different container types and sizes, we are sure you will find the right space for your cargo. A right size and type of container ensure that there will be no undue movement of goods inside which certainly damage the items. Any size cargo can travel through our sea freight and there is no limit to weight or volume here. The facility of LCL and FCL further adds to the advantage of this medium. By using these options, the price of traveling remains in more control.

Track the container at your will

While booking the cargo we give a tracking number which can ease off your worries at any time you want. This tracking number is not just a number to know the location and status of your cargo. To us this is to maintain the trust of sender in us so that there is no misunderstanding and our service remains transparent. Also when the receiver knows about this information the presence on the location is possible at the time of delivery. So whenever you are planning for another activity do use the tracking number so your schedule does not overlap.

Contact us any time for any enquiry

We are there 24/7 to help you regarding cargo. Your confusions and other issues are dealt with professional help. The people working as customer care representatives are loaded with information so there will be no issue finding a solution. Whenever you are stuck at a point contact us and it will be resolved instantly. If not, then this can also be done by email. We reply as soon as possible to give timely suggestions. We understand that the cargo you are sending means a lot to you and when it comes to choosing the right container things can get complicated alone. Involve our help and it will not remain that difficult then.

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