Parcel Shipping to Ghana by Air or Sea

The parcels you send to Ghana from UK are a symbol of letting your loved ones know that you remember them. These can be for commercial use also. Select us as your service provider and make it certain that your expectations are not turned down. We are an organized company ready to take your parcels of any type. You can send these through our sea or air cargo service to Ghana. Both the mediums are restricted to affordable rates so that we see happy faces of our customers every time they need our services. You can compare our rates with the rest of the market through our website and see it yourself that our claims are not wrong.

We understand that what you are sending to Ghana is of high importance to you. When you hand over your parcel to us it becomes our prime goal to take care of it and safely deliver it to the receiver. With our various services we provide option to the client for the way we receive and deliver it. Whatever way you choose we instill our best skills to finish the job with dedication.

Send your parcels for a speedy delivery by air freight

Whenever you are in a hurry to send your parcel to Ghana from UK we are there to take care of it. Our air freight service is going to be on time and the journey from there to the receiver is also going to be timely. This depends on which service you are choosing. Our door to door cargo service gives us the provision to drop parcel at receiver’s address. Door to door cargo also speed things up a bit more. Many people choose to send smaller parcels by air due to the security of the small package and also the cost is low as per weight of the parcel. But it depends on you which way to choose.

Lots of time and more weight? Choose sea freight

Sea freight is about reliability and also good deals for items with more weight and volume. Your item can fit in a small place or needs more, you can choose accordingly. FCL and LCL options provide the choice. Our on-board crew is going to give due attention to your parcel so that it does not get damaged in any way or moved unnecessarily. Sea journey is long and with some delays also if the weather or any technical issue comes up. So, if there is time and you are not in any hurry then this medium is a good choice. Also, the rate here is less than air freight and that makes sense to choose it.

Use our door to door service when not going out

This facility especially provides a way out to the people who do not want to or cannot go out for certain reasons. With the door to door service our staff comes to your address to pick the parcel up and then after all the procedures the receiver also gets it on their location. No party has to go out of their ways to get the chain complete. Packing and filling forms is the only responsibility on the customer. We are there for the remaining procedures.

Contact our customer service for more details

Whether you want to track your parcel or there is some other information needed the customer service is going to be of help here. It may be a confusion about choosing the right service or it can be about the procedural as well as rate enquiry. In any way our representative is going to provide you with any information that he/she can give. Customers are concerned about their valuables and the help line attendant knows it very well. He/she will help out in every way they can.

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