Send a Mobile Phone from UK to India

Send a Mobile Phone from UK to India

India, one of the biggest countries in the world has made courier service very appropriate for companies. It is one of the world’s biggest economies and an attraction for all potential investors.

The population of 1.2 billion means it is very easy to find the necessary workforce for all kinds of work. India is also the main hub of South Asia, which makes it an interesting destination for businessmen, but also visitors for spending holidays.

Why people want to use imported smartphones

Mobile phones are improving with each passing day. A lot of research work is going on to improve the usability of smartphones and also increase features in them.

People usually feel the need to import smartphones because a lot of smartphones are restricted to a certain area. Many areas of the world get a specific feature while the same smartphone in another area of the world does not receive it.

Samsung, for its flagship devices, the S-series uses a Snapdragon Chip for phones provided in the US while it uses an Exynos chipset on its other models of the same device. So, due to this main reason, people feel the desire to use a product purchased from abroad.

Getting the product ready for delivery

A smartphone is a very intricate piece of hardware. The part which might create problems during the shipping of a mobile phone is its battery. Smartphone batteries are made of lithium-ion and are highly flammable, which might cause the battery to explode if there is enough pressure.

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So, extreme care must be taken when shipping the batteries. If the battery is inside the product, then in most occasions, it is safe but if the battery is faulty like it was on a lot of Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s, then it becomes extremely dangerous for a person to even carry such a product let alone send it for shipping to someone.

cargo service

The product should be put in a box with proper sealing. A bubble wrap should also be used to give added protection to the device. The box to be used should be congested and a perfect fit for the mobile so that the phone doesn’t move during the journey. If it moves, it can cause damage to the device. So, proper packaging is a must when getting the device ready for delivery.

What to look for in a cargo company?

There are a variety of things that must be considered when choosing an efficient and dependable cargo company. A good courier service is very affordable but also provides great service. When a customer has many options to choose from, it chooses the option which is affordable but also gives a sense of reliability.

In case a product is not delivered on time or is lost during its shipping, good customer support provides customers with all the help and guidance that they need. So, timely delivery is a very important factor that customers look into as well when deciding on the service that’s best for them.

What are the custom and duty charges in India?

India charges tax on electronic devices which have been imported from abroad. For mobile accessories, a customs duty of 28% is charged on product arrival. For a tablet or an iPad, the customs duty is 28.8%.

But for mobile phones, the custom and duty charges are approximately 18%. For Example, the new Galaxy Note 10 is priced at £869 and the customs charges for that are approximately £156.

How much can it cost?

Sending a product for delivery to India might sound very easy, but there are a lot of issues as well that arrive during this whole process. The size of the box in which the phone is placed is usually the same as most phones have boxes of similar size in most cases.

The one thing that affects the overall cost of this whole process is the price of the smartphone. Smartphone prices vary from £200 to even £1000 in some cases. The price of the mobile phone also affects the custom duty charges based on the price of the product.