TV to India

TV to India

Appropriate way to send electronic equipment from the UK to India

India is one of the countries where airmail has been made easy. It is a colourful country in South Asia which dates back to over 35,000 years. It still has a lot from its colonial past like the installed Railway system, and with a population of over 1.2 billion individuals, it makes India as one of the main points of attraction in the world both for doing business and also for spending holidays.

Why people desire to use imported products?

Many people import daily usage products every year. It is due to the reason that people are conscious about what they use in their daily life and whether those products meet modern standards or not.

There are many products whose release is only restricted to a specific area. For example, when Apple released the iPhone X, it released a special limited edition phone in China which had two physical dual sim card slots, while the rest of the world had to use a phone which had only one physical sim slot and an additional e-sim option. So, for products like these, people feel the need to import things from abroad, and this is where a courier service comes into play.

The packaging is more important than delivery

The packaging is one of the things which hold great importance when we talk about sending products from one place to another. Gone are the days of using a CRT TV. So, the majority of people use LED TVs these days, which are extremely delicate and sensitive. They are very thin so great care is needed while packaging them.

The first thing to be protected on a TV is its LED screen. Even a small crack or a bump can end up damaging the screen. So, care should be taken while protecting the screen. The overall body of the TV should be packaged in a cardboard box which should be a tight fit to ensure that the TV doesn’t move inside the box.

The cardboard should also be wrapped in tape to virtually guarantee that no intruder will try to compromise the product. The box should be further wrapped with the help of bubble wrapping so that if the product is thrown from one place to another which happens a lot. When all the necessary guidelines have been met, the next thing is to choose a reliable cargo service.

What to look for in a cargo company?

There are many factors which must be taken into serious consideration while choosing a courier service. The first thing that comes into the mind of a customer is cheap prices. A reliable cargo company must be cheap, affordable and also provide great value for money. Good companies create value for customers and their whole services structure and policies revolve around their end-users.

Similarly, it is of paramount importance for a cargo service to provide efficient customer service as well. If your product was meant to go to Sydney, but it went to Stockholm instead, then it creates a big problem. In that case, the customer tries to seek guidance from the company, and it is the responsibility of the mail service to provide efficient customer support.

What are the custom and duty charges in India?

Like every other country, India also charges on products imported from abroad. For a TV, custom duty varies around 40%, a value which has been deduced by the Indian Customs. For example, if one wants to import the Sony Bravia 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV which costs £870, the custom charges might end up costing you around £345.

How much can it cost?

It is easier to send your products to India via an efficient courier service, but still, there are a lot of difficulties during this whole process. Many things come to mind when we’re trying to formulate an exact figure which ends up being the overall cost like the price of the product itself, custom charges and courier charges.

Price varies depending on the size of the TV. If it’s a small TV, the price of the product itself, the customs dues and the courier dues will be less. So, there is no specific number which can be the overall cost. Everything depends on the size of the product, its weight and how much space it will occupy.