Sea Cargo

An influential African Economy: Morocco Seaports are the cargo loading and discharging channels for a country and play a very crucial role in its business. How much cargo handling capacity, a seaport has and how many vessels come to a seaport is the efficiency determining factors of a seaport. Cargo […]

China & Djibouti Govt

The first episode of a free-trade zone of Africa looks pretty astonishing on paper China is clearing its way to secure its position as a global trade leader and launching the first phase of Africa’s prodigious free-trade zone is another milestone in this regard. On July 5, Djibouti unbolted the […]


To gain more, have to work more Extension of the Mombasa port in course of recent years has empowered it to deal with bigger volumes of freight, making it appealing for a huge worldwide delivery line. KPA (Kenya Ports Authority) says that huge change in the aptitude of tasks is […]

UK Africa Flags

In a recent meeting UK giving full support to fight corruption and insurgency Who can deny the role of UK in the African region? Especially in the fields of development and fighting food and economic problems, UK has been a major support to make the situation better in the land […]

Africa UK Flags

Continuous help is changing buy and sell scenario in the region For a long time these two countries have been doing trade in an effective and fruitful way. Doing business in Africa is not a kid’s game, the businessman or trader has to put his best efforts in setting up something […]

Africa Top 5 Largest Ports

Check out Africa’s Top 5 Largest Ports Have a look at the ports Africa uses to handle more than 90 percent of its cargo. Let’s dive into Top five! The African continent uses sea cargo to handle more than 90 percent cargo and its imports and exports from across the […]