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Privacy Policy


Cargo To Africa values and respect for the privacy of individual as well as commercial customers. We have strict data protection policy at work. We provide extra care to handle your information. Our booking system capture client's information and keep it secure to fulfill your shipping requirements. Cargo To Africa capture statistical information of visitors on its website. It is particularly for the improvement of our content for future. It also helps Cargo To Africa to provide the latest information about international shipping. In some situation, we may need more specific and personalise information in order to offer customize shipping service. We have strict guideline about the data protection and don't allow any unauthorized access to data (client's data). Cargo To Africa completely follow United Kingdom rules and regulation in regard with data protection and privacy policy.

Safety and Security of Personal Data

Cargo To Africa strictly comply with Data protection Act (1998) and may require sensitive personal data, it may include your post code with full address. According to our data policy we don't require other sensitive data online, we know the value of privacy for our customers. In case we need other sensitive data, Cargo To Africa uses other means for getting sensitive information, it can be obtaining information over the phone or by email. We use sensitive information to fulfil your specific requirements. However Cargo To Africa ensure you complete protection of your sensitive data and doesn't disclose such information to any third party, apart from the fact that Cargo To Africa may need to disclose such information for safety, security or legal reasons. We ensure that disclosure is safe.

Transfer of Data

It is quite certain that Cargo To Africa may need to send your personal information outside the UK, It is only to fulfil legal requirements of international shipping. You have provided explicit consent for the transfer of sensitive personal data outside the UK. But it is only for safety, security and legal purposes. It is mandatory in some countries to disclose particular information about the client and necessary to provide international shipping consignment details. You need to understand and accept that Cargo To Africa might need to disclose your sensitive information outside the European Economic Area. And the countries in those areas may not have suitable data protection policy at work. But Cargo To Africa ensure that your personal information is only used for shipping purposes. We keep you updated about all the changes in privacy policy and inform you about data protection rules.

Collection of Data

There are seven particular areas for that Cargo To Africa require information when customers make online booking. These areas include Consignors and Consignees name, Contact details such as phone and email. We may ask for credit or debit card information. It is also necessary to know your delivery preference and other important information regarding shipment where applicable. Cargo To Africa need all this information to carry out shipping service for its valuable customers. It enables us to keep you informed and updated about your shipping consignments. There are lot of external factors that may impact international shipping consignments. The above information provided by customers is helpful to provide post-flight queries and other relevant information. There is another advantage of improving our processes through retaining such information. Cargo To Africa ensure customize shipping service with the use of data. Cargo To Africa guarantee you about the protection of your personal information. All the information is shared with authorized bodies and never sold to third party for commercial purposes.

Strict Security of card number (Debit / credit)

Cargo To Africa uses the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, this fool proof security system enables us to keep all the communication unreadable between Cargo To Africa and customers. All the details given by you is communicated in a secure encrypted format and keep it secure from any type of tampering.

Cookie Policy

It is a common practice, Cookies are being used to determine user preferences when they visit website. Cookies have become standard method to capture website visitors' data. Meantime information is also stored on hard drive of your computer. For instance a cookie would contain an information of your country of residence so Cargo To Africa don't need to ask you again this same question, when you visit Cargo To Africa website. It is important to mention, these cookies will not track your interaction with other website.

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