Africa Top 5 Largest Ports

Check out Africa’s Top 5 Largest Ports Have a look at the ports Africa uses to handle more than 90 percent of its cargo. Let’s dive into Top five! The African continent uses sea cargo to handle more than 90 percent cargo and its imports and exports from across the […]

Cargo Economy

Signs indicating that Africa is on the rise Africa today is not what it used to be. There is progress, trade has increased and still rising, the world is looking towards this continent for opportunities for business growth and developed countries are investing generously in developmental projects. It was the foreign […]

Cargo Trade

Kenya & UK improving trade relations African countries apart from South Africa, are also trying to make themselves capable of trading globally on independent bases. The emerging countries are now well aware of the fact that for their development trading on exchange bases or independent bases is necessary for the […]

Africa UK Flag

Prepare yourself before hand for choosing Africa as a Business destination South Africa is considered as a very fruitful business destination. Especially when we are talking about UK trade with the region, South Africa becomes prominent. As it is the major trading partner with UK in Africa. This does not […]


Building a strong relation around the world Minister of State for Trade Policy Lord Price visited South Africa and Namibia to meet trade ministers from the Southern Africa Customs Union. The main reason is to discuss ways for avoiding any kind of hindrance in trade between the two regions. As […]

Africa UK Flag

Struggling hard for extending the trade internationally The continent which was once a severe depiction of poverty and lack of food combined with basic necessities of life missing, is now striving hard to reach the point where stability to some extent is being administered. There are now many countries apart […]

Africa UK Flags

In what direction the two trading partners are heading? Africa UK trade has a long history to trace back. Both are at present members of EU and are one of the leading traders, not only to each other but also with other countries as well. With Brexit underway, the situation […]

Insured Shipping

Reasons why one should have the cargo insured before its journey To avoid more cost for shipping like a consignment and cargo to Africa, the sender ignores this very important step most of the times. In the present times, as much positive advancement have taken place, there are many negative […]