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Shipping of Phones to Ghana Has never been Easier

Ready to send your mobile phone to Ghana from UK? Send it through us and we guarantee you that there will be well-timed delivery and the item will reach undamaged. Our presence in the market for many years proves that we provide a reliable service and our customers trust us with their valuables. As we spread throughout UK there is little chance that you cannot find us. Still if that is the case you can always reach us by our website. You are sending the phone as a gift on a special occasion or there is a commercial purpose, we are there to serve. For a small package air freight is going to be suitable as it is going to be reasonably priced as well as your package will reach fast. Even for bulk phone transfer to Ghana from UK air freight fits well. Still if you want then sea freight is there for the bulk. It will take time to deliver the cargo however it is reliable and inexpensive as well. We have door to door service as well which is hassle free. We are going to do all the work for you when this service is availed.

Air Cargo is an appropriate choice

Smaller things are commonly send via air freight. The reason is that chances of getting lost for such a small cargo are less with air cargo to Ghana. Also it can fit any passenger plane and travel fast. Especially when a special occasion is nearing and you forgot to send the gift earlier this could be your answer. Air freight is fast and for one mobile phone the charges are not going to harm your budget also. The staff on board take special care of the package and make it their priority to deliver it to the port safely.

Sea freight happily take the bulk

When you are going to send phones to Ghana from UK in bulk then sea freight is certainly going to help. The cargo will charge less and there will be good care throughout the journey. The area your mobile phones take will be charged. The sender can choose between FCL and LCL according to the space needed. These stand for full container load and less than container load. We are always there to facilitate our customers in any way we can. Our loading and unloading is done under strict watch with careful movements. So there is no chance your phones get damaged when in our hands.

Door to door cargo proves to be a handy selection

With many reasons people do not have the ability or time to get the phone to the cargo office themselves. For such customers we have the door to door service. Here, we take over the situation and look after all the work for you. You do not have to move an inch and everything is taken care perfectly. Just fill in the requirements correctly and pack the cargo in the right way. We take the phone or phones form your door step and deliver it to the recipient’s address. The procedure is faster for air freight while in sea freight it will take its due time.

Get the information from our help line or track it yourself

There is a tracking number given to the customer so that they can track the parcel whenever they feel like. Status of the cargo is updated with short intervals in between so that the client can get latest position. This can also be done by our customer service representative. But enquiring from our website is a faster way.

We can send your phone anywhere in Ghana as we have our network over there also. We are reliable carriers working in the field for a long time. Your phone to Ghana from UK is going to be sent securely and unharmed.

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