Cheapest Shipping of LED, LCD & Plasma TV from UK to Africa

All ready to shift your belongings to Nigeria from UK and TV is there in the cargo? Well taking a TV along as a cargo is a risky thing. With our services you can have the problem solved without any effort on your part. Even if the TV or TVs has to be sent for business purposes, we are here to facilitate you with our best services and great deals. By air or by sea we will send your cargo to Africa from UK with our specialized staff. In both the cases the crew is going to load and unload it with care so that not a single part gets damaged. From port to port, door to port and door to door you can pick any service that suits you.

We spread our services to far and wide areas of the continent so you can send your TV to any address you want. Finding us is not going to be a hard task. You can contact us from our website and also, we can be found in many parts of UK and even near you. Our customer service is going to be of help in any issue regarding cargo. Track when your TV is on its way to the destination.

Send TV to Africa fast

Your TV is going to reach the destination in a passenger plane or a cargo plane. In both the cases there is going to be a good care of the item. Many people use door to door cargo service when using the air freight. You just sit back and relax at your home after packing the TV and we are going to take care of the remaining work. The TV is going to be safe in the cargo area and there is going to be no change of place to avoid harm to this fragile item. The package is notified with the item so that extra care is taken.

Sending TV to Africa in least expensive way

We carry TV to Africa from UK by sea freight as well. LCL and FCL choice is there and it depends on your cargo what to choose. By sea there can be a bulk transferred on lower price and also in case of full container load it is going to be shut tight for the journey. Also, it depends on what container size you choose as there is a choice of size as well. Either you can choose the size according to the cargo or we choose it for you. Even for business purposes our services and packages are best in the market. You can trust us with your TV to Africa from UK and we will not disappoint you.

Door to door service

Door to door service is known to be the best way for especially international cargo sending these days. The reasons can be many but a common one is that with a fast-moving life you like things to be done on their own due to lack of time. Door to door service is just the right solution we have for the purpose. Just pack your TV or TVs well and your part is done. We assure you safe delivery at the other end. We pick your TV and then you are no longer the one carrying the load, we are.

Your TV is our responsibility

After we receive the parcel by directly you or through door-to-door service, leave the problems to us. These problems are actually the confusing long procedures that are hard to understand for you. However, if you let us handle all this it is not going to be a burden and the work will be done as well. With our trained and experienced professional staff nothing is impossible. Whether it is the paper work or there is custom clearance we specialize in passing all this without trouble.

Tracking facility is offered

There is a tracking number given by the company to the customer while booking the TV cargo. It is going to give you surety that it is in safe hands. You can track the procedure as well as the time at which it will arrive at port. If the door-to-door service is taken then the day or estimated time will also be shown. We know about your worry and update the information every now and then so that there is no confusion or mistrust.

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