Cheapest Old or New Clothes Shipping from UK to Africa

Do you want to send clothes to Africa with any reason or need at all? We are there to give our customers the best service. To Africa from UK, we specialize in sending your cargo safe and sound may it be anything. Africa is a vast continent and our services extend all its parts. Accessing us is not an issue. Our services are spread in the UK. You can even contact us online through our website or simply call us. On the website you can get the quotes for the cargo and also compare it. We are devoted to give you the best rates. We set rates according to destination and keep it lowest among the market.

You are sending clothes as cargo to Africa or any other items, money is spent. We take care of your hard-earned capital and keep it safe till delivery. There is a charity cause or for any special occasion, sending it as cultural outfit or as a gift in any way we will handle the clothes properly. If cannot be folded we can take it in hanging form and make sure to keep them that way for the whole journey. Choose any method of transport. Be contended that we are there to deliver anywhere in Africa without any damage.

To Africa from UK by sea

Sea freight is taken to be slow but cheap. Still slow is not what we meant in the past days it is now faster. With latest ships and new routes, the journey has changed and shrunk. Sea freight is taken to be more appropriate for bulk transfer. Full container shipping or less than container shipping both are possible. We offer both the services and provide different size containers according to the need. Our team on board is going to be very careful that there is no harm to the clothes. Security is one of the issues also but due to collective efforts from both Africa and UK the situation is getting better and better.

Fast delivery accounts for air freight

Whenever a customer is in a hurry and wants to get the clothes soon to the other end the air freight is going to be the best way. There are cargo planes to carry cargo as well as passenger planes that carry it. In either way the clothes you are going to send are going to be safe and reach the destination in one piece. We have specialized people on board who make custom clearance and other procedures seem a piece of cake. These are very confusing, hectic and difficult procedures if handled yourself. So, leave it to us and carry on with your life routines.

Door to door service is a relief

Our staff can pick your clothes package and then drop it to our collection centre. In there we make sure the cargo is kept at a proper place according to the cargo type. After that the journey starts through sea or air. At the other end when the destination port is reached our transporter allies drop the package or cargo at your door step. Whether it be your house, office or a charity place it does not matter. We pick from you and drop at the destination. Do fill in the requirements carefully as these ensure exact delivery place.

Avail our services once

Our old customers already know that when they book with us their clothes to Africa from UK are safe and they will be delivered as scheduled. Any climate or pandemic delays are exceptional. Once you try out our cargo services, we are sure you are going to be confident for the next order. Our customer service is working 24/7 to resolve issues related to cargo.

Track your clothes cargo at any time

It is your right to know where your belongings are travelling and at what time it reaches the destination. Our services to Africa from UK are very well planned and track able. We make sure that the location of the cargo ships gets updated every now and then so that the exact present situation can be known. We make it our priority to maintain the peace of mind of our customer so that there is a hassle-free cargo sending and receiving for them. A happy customer is our priority.

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