Electronics & Home Appliance Shipping from UK to Somalia

We understand that electronics are very sensitive and need special care while transferring from one country to another. Our cargo services to Somalia from UK are specially designed to meet any cargo need and the staff is trained accordingly. Whether you are sending your electronics to Somalia from UK via sea freight or air freight, we are going to be careful with the items. Feel free to send any amount at any time. Air cargo is fast while sea cargo does take time. In any case we function with full capacity to get the work done as expected by the client. Our partners know the seriousness of this work and remain conscious at every step so that nothing is missed.

There is little the client has to take care about, the remaining tasks are ours. With our different modes of services, sender is free to choose the best one according to situation. We cover all of Somalia so sending electronics to any part will be accepted. We are going to reach you whether we are near you or not. This can be easily done with our door to door service which is smooth and swift.

Send electronics via air freight

Air freight is always fast. The travelling which sea freight can do in months; air freight can cover it in days or a week. So in any case it is feasible to send cargo by air whenever you are in a hurry. While boking with us you can always know charges beforehand and can compare it with the market. This way your doubts are settled. We offer the best air freight service in the market with affordable rates always striving to gain your trust. Our air freight service to Somalia from UK works even better when combined with door to door service.

Sea freight is all about bulk transfer

The common concept is that sea freight is for businesses to send their cargo and for people who are going to move to Somalia from UK with household items or a vehicle. The perception is correct. For your electronics to travel safely sea freight is going to be a good choice. When in bulk FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) can be chosen according to the volume of your cargo. It can save money and give us a happy customer. Container size varies so do look at the size options while booking.

Our customer care can suggest in case of confusion

With our able team at the customer care section senders get their queries answered. The problem can relate to anything about cargo so the team there is highly trained to give the right solution. You can also reach us through email and the solution will be in your inbox within a very short time. No need to roam here and there for information as we have the direct source to provide you with authentic material.

Our door to door service offers easier transmissions

The door to door service that we offer is aimed to pick the cargo from the sender’s address and drop it to the receiver’s end. The cargo can be of any size the sender just has to tell us what type of electronics are we going to carry so that the appropriate size of vehicle reaches you. Our staff takes good care of the stuff at all the time and get it through every step throughout the journey. Filling the forms correctly is the only and an important task the sender has to do so that the cargo reaches its right owner and on time.

Tracking can be done at any time

To make sure your goods are traveling safely, track them at any time. Fill the tracking number in the space on our webpage and at any time get the required information. There is going to be updated information every time so as to prevent any confusion. Another good thing about tracking is that you can know the day of delivery and the receiver can remain present at the time. This feature essentially targets the people using door to door cargo.

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