Cheapest Shipping of Unaccompanied Baggage to Nigeria

Excess baggage becomes a problem when you book it at the very last minute. But no need to worry about it. We make sure all your baggage reaches your destination on time and safely. Also, if you do not want to carry any heavy items during your travel you can cargo your suit cases beforehand. The worry of getting lost is also gone. This service is especially very useful when shifting from UK to Nigeria. You can send your furniture or your luggage that is not needed at the time. Sending excess baggage make things to be carried less and also it can reach your door step if you want. Through sea or by air the service is available. If you want express delivery then the air mode suits you and if you have time then sea freight is going to be the best way. In either way your luggage is going to be safe and sound and in professional hands. You do not have to worry about anything at all. Everything will be taken care of in the best way.

Air cargo your baggage to Nigeria from UK

Especially when you are travelling alone taking care of the luggage is going to be a big problem. Book it with us and all the burden is taken away from your shoulders. Once on the move you can enjoy your journey from UK to Nigeria and your cargo is travelling with you without any effort on your part. We are there to take care of every procedure. No weight issue and no waiting at the lounge. The way you want to get your baggage it will be there for you. Go to the port to pick your stuff or have it at your home.

Sea cargo to Nigeria is also available

If you are happy with sending your cargo through sea then we are there to take your luggage. It does take more time than air but it will be there to be received on time. The staff takes special care while loading and unloading the stuff so even if there are fragile items on board those are going to reach without harm. Tracking facility is there so if you want to know where your cargo has reached, this is the best way to know. The company refresh the situation quickly so that the customer is never doubtful or worrying about the arrival.

Door to door service is reliable

With us you do not have to go and pick or book your cargo. Our door-to-door service is going to reach you according to the given address. Picking or delivering the goods is not going to cause any damage to the goods. You just dial and contact us or talk to us online and your package is on its way. After that we are responsible for the rest of the work. By contacting us you can exactly know when the cargo is going to reach in Nigeria and in how much time it is going to be at your door step. Every time you book with us the service is going to be excellent.

We can handle any type of cargo

From UK to Nigeria or even anywhere else also. We can handle any type of cargo. There are temperature sensitive containers as well as there can be living animals transported. Our staff is going to take care of these very well. For the flights where taking animals on the passenger deck is not allowed you can book it with us. Animals who need specific temperature for travelling are also welcomed. Perishable items also need a specific temperature and we have the facility.

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