Building a strong relation around the world

Minister of State for Trade Policy Lord Price visited South Africa and Namibia to meet trade ministers from the Southern Africa Customs Union. The main reason is to discuss ways for avoiding any kind of hindrance in trade between the two regions. As the current issue is exit of UK from European Union because the main thing involved in it is trade, which now a day build a strong portion of economy for any country. So is the case with UK cargo and Cargo to Africa. Both have strong relations as being the members of EU and both parties want the relation to be the same and even more propelling than ever. These meetings are a part of the agreement that has to be reached before Brexit and then making the implementations from the agreement a real and final deal.

UK’s Contribution to African Development:

Another positive view that has been put forward by UK Minister of State is that Britain never wants to back up from the development programs that are going on in the region with their collaboration. No matter what the conditions are they will always continue the support system they are providing for the progress of the underdeveloped parts of the continent.

A free trade with no or less restrictions give a free hand for exporting necessary machinery for developing structures and food items or medicines for leveling up the health of the citizens. The progress will stop if any problem occurs while shipping things from one side to another. Check out Cargo to Africa from UK for cost effective and reliable cargo services.

What is intended of the new free Trade Deal?

Africa struggled for almost ten years to reach an agreement between EU and Africa for a free trade. This deal is between the countries that are a part of EU and Africa. UK is a prominent trade partner of Africa and in no way it wants UK to get separated from the free trade deal. So, efforts are being made to implement the same basic structure of the EU free trade agreement with some minor changes according to the states and conditions.

This will help out both the countries to work with each other on familiar grounds and not create a new situation which will take time to set in. In the mean time both the sides will formulate a new free trade agreement and replace the old one for anew era to finally start.

Important Matters for Africa:

There are other important areas of African trade that are intended to be discussed before any final agreement is drafted. Of them, one is the agricultural quota of duty free trade among the two sides. In the SADC-EPA South Africa negotiated larger amount of agricultural products to be traded on duty free basis. The same quota Africa wants to set in the new agreement.

There is a large amount of African wine already being sent to UK from South Africa, and the wine traders are hoping for a large quota in the new trade agreement. Another issue is of importing parts from other countries to assemble a final product and still have a duty free trade for it. This rule will be meant for both the sides and not any one of them.

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