Major Sea Ports that play vital role in the advancements of cargo business in the UK United Kingdom is one of the most stable economies and in the early times, being an island country, the UK was totally relying on the sea shipping even for transportation across the region. The […]

How to circumvent from the doubtful situations? There are uncertainties present in mind of the sender, like will the parcel reach its destination in one piece and in its original form and not get misplaced during the journey. Same is the case when you are sending a gift or cargo […]

Cargo Exchange of dry and perishable goods will be made efficient through this new entry Africa mainly relies on sea cargo transfer for its imports and exports to take place. Building its air freight capacity will help in more international trade through air which will help in attracting more and […]

Over viewing some of the busiest ports of Africa Africa is the world’s second largest continent covering 20% of the earth’s land and 6% of the earth’s surface. It has over 100 ports and amongst them some are mainstream. The water surfaces that are linked to this continent include Atlantic […]

Airlines are spreading their network throughout the continent Recently many assurances have come forward by authorities in United Kingdom that there would be no big change in trade relations of the country with South Africa and other countries of the region after Brexit. It means no downward trend will be […]

Record presence of International Exhibiting Companies To let the world know how capable African continent is to become one of the greatest markets of world products and to explore the possibilities for air cargo industry in this regard there was “Air Cargo Africa 2017” held from 21st to 23rd February. […]

Easy tips to follow for a first timer to avoid vague circumstances. Sending cargo to Africa from UK is not a difficult task, as the procedure is usually straight forward. Apart from some custom clearance difficulties, the whole region is considered as having apt environment for trading. Many say that […]