Kenya & UK improving trade relations

African countries apart from South Africa, are also trying to make themselves capable of trading globally on independent bases. The emerging countries are now well aware of the fact that for their development trading on exchange bases or independent bases is necessary for the growth of an economy.

Kenya is already an important Cargo trade partner to many countries and in specific to the UK. The basic work that is being carried out in Kenya is for the expansion and facilitation with respect to trade.

One project is a 10-year lease of the international warehouse and the second one is the construction of Lamu Port. Both these projects will further facilitate the trade and in turn, the conditions in the country on whole will improve largely.

 Lamu Port

This port is being constructed to harmonize the port of Mombassa. The main cause of this construction is to enhance trade with other East African countries. The port will also open up the route for landlocked countries like shipping to Ethiopia and South Sudan. The work on its first berth is in progress.

The authorities say that 20% of the work has been done by now and the first berth is planned to complete by June 2018. Other two berths are to be completed by 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Not only work on the berth is being completed, side by side a cofferdam and a causeway are also underway. Then a search for a proper channel and land recovery are also taking place.

Kenya’s warehousing 10 years Lease

African Logistics Properties (ALP) has signed with Kenya its first ever, largest warehouse which will be used as an international hub for receiving cargo. The warehouse is located in Nairobi and the work on it is being done with fast pace.

There is no proper place for logistics and distribution in Kenya for now and with the inset of this warehouse, it will be a great achievement. The ALP is well experienced in its work and has handled many major projects till now.

The company is well equipped and is making the warehouse installed with all modern facilities so as to satisfy all the international standards and make traders believe that their cargo will reach destination safe and sound and on time.

It will be like a central place for the international as well as regional trade partners. The hassle to fetch the cargo will end with a warehouse which will have a great capacity to accumulate any volume of goods.

A Step Ahead

Both these projects are not only important internationally but also they will facilitate the national trade which is very important to stabilize the region. The malnutrition and reliance on food which is being suffered by the people of Africa have to end and they have to produce job opportunities and better living conditions for the citizens.

Such projects give a hope to the people that they are going towards progress and their future population will have a better place to live. UK and Africa capable countries are playing their role well in helping the governments to improve their lands.

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