Ocean Cargo

Ocean Cargo

The cheapest way of sending Cargo to Africa 

Both the countries have good trade and economic relations and it is estimated that the continent of Africa accounts for almost 3 per cent of UK goods. Though the trade relations experienced many ups and downs yet these are progressing greatly. It would be pertinent to highlight that the UK imports precious stones, machinery, fruit, vegetable products, beverages, base metals etc. while it exports to the South Africa machinery, vehicles, aircraft, chemicals, turbojets etc.

It is worthwhile to mention that common factors like joint trade ventures, finance language, cultural relations, law systems and mutual bilateral relations are playing a key role in uplifting and strengthening the cordial relations. South Africa has long shared history, as once, South Africa was the colony of the Brittan. It is pertinent to mention here that African diaspora totalling about 1.9 million people, is the largest ethnic minority group living in the UK.

Africans are playing an important role in uplifting and strengthening both cultural and economic links. At present, apart from other companies, host of cargo companies are operating their business in the UK strengthening further the bilateral trade and relationships between the two countries. All these companies are endeavouring to have more business in this field of cargo service for satisfying their clients.

At present, various cargo modes are available for you to send your belongings through cargo to Africa from the UK, either by air cargo or by sea cargo. Both are accommodative and best suited for your goods but it depends upon your choice and budget. Air Cargo is cheaper than Sea Cargo. Let us peruse its various forms:

Door to Door Cargo

If you are desirous of sending your consignment through Cargo to Africa from the UK, this door to door cargo is very comfortable. This facility has become boon and blessing for the people needing sending their goods through cargo. They don’t need to have a hectic way of visiting some cargo company.

They just browse, analyse and opt their desired cargo company and order it. Within no time, the company representative is on their doorstep, picks the item to be sent, packs it properly and after completing initial formalities, forwards it for onward transportation either to domestic or international destinations.

Sea Shipping 

If you are interested in sending some heavy articles like electronics from the UK to Africa, you have to choose sea shipping which, no doubt, is cheaper than air cargo. In this, almost a time of three months is required being sea route. The cargo company with the collaboration of shipping company will arrange to clear your goods from customs, ensure its delivery safely.

Port to Door Sea Cargo

This mode of cargo is reliable and best suited for heavy articles. Compared to port to port shipping, it is advantageous as people are mostly interested in port to door cargo so that they could not entangle into an undue delay in having their consignment.

It has more beneficial on the pretext that you get your article at home and you are not needed at any cost to visit and pursue the laborious procedures of ports for relieving your goods from the shipping company.

Port to Port Shipping

Port to port shipping for Cargo to Africa, involves merchandise transportation in containers loading port to destination port. This mode of cargo has many complications being the instable and perilous one, in cargo delivery.

As pre-carriage and on-carriage are excluded, the shipments associated with the port to port cargo require experienced shippers having all concerned expertise to clear the shipment wisely.

Air Cargo

Air Cargo is one of the swiftest modes for transporting your belongings and goods in the shortest period which is the most reliable cargo trusted by the people in all the countries. If you are planning to depart for Africa instantly but worried about Cargo to Africa from the UK which might become a problem for you after the limit exceeds.

Naturally, the rest of the luggage will be needing some well-known and reputable cargo service. So we will advise you not to become the prey in the hands of companies which have less experience and are also charge high. But choose the right one.

Airport to Airport Cargo

If you have to send articles which are not in bulk and you are searching for some airport to airport cargo, then it is quite appropriate that you will be in search of some service of Airport to Airport Cargo which carries your desired goods to the mentioned destination.

Container Shipping & Freight Forwarding to Africa from the UK

You will be having no stress and strain in container shipping and freight forwarding from the UK to Africa and we have all prior systematic arrangements to avert your worries and tensions in this regard. All your booked articles are delivered as such without any damage and delay to the destination.

Send Letters & Documents

Send your precious and urgency based documents and letters to be dispatched to the destination instantly by cargo to Africa through Air Cargo which will carry your aforementioned documents well in time to the addressed place.

Last but not least, make a wise screening and checking of your goods so that no article is rejected by the cargo service to be delivered. So never make a fuss by putting prohibited things in your luggage which can never be carried out as per international and national laws.

So be careful in sending your deliverable deliveries to avoid any complication. It happens that due to the presence of some prohibited articles in your goods, your consignment is a stick in the transit and you have to suffer for this. So be wise and check your goods before making any consignment.

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