Continuous help is changing buy and sell scenario in the region

For a long time these two countries have been doing trade in an effective and fruitful way. Doing business in Africa is not a kid’s game, the businessman or trader has to put his best efforts in setting up something new. The reason is not that people are not ready to participate in changing the situation, but it is the complex systems at every trade entry.

The documentation is complex which results in the delay of the procedures. But efforts are being made to make the procedure efficient. In this regard, UK is lending a helping hand for setting up an advanced structure to speed up things according to the international standards. In East Africa trade access has become easy since 2010 with the onset of One Stop Border Points.

Till now Trade Mark East Africa has funded 15 OSBP for their construction and operating. This became possible through the funding of UK’s Department for International Development and Global Affairs Canada.

What is an OSBP

This procedure brings the two neighboring sides under one roof for conducting the procedures regarding cargo exchange between the two. It has been reported that due to the OSBP the procedural time between Kenya and Uganda has reduced to one hour which earlier took up to three days.

Customs, immigration, and vehicular clearance are all carried out on the same spot making the border crossing nightmare a sleek and efficient step for trade. As being a real trade booster in the Northern and Eastern side of Africa, setting up of such a facility is spreading and funds are being arranged for introducing it to new destinations.

Sections Present on the spot

Cargo to Africa is not only taken as a major trade partner to Africa, also its efforts to raise the living standards of people are remarkable. This British funding has made possible to give way for the structural and also deep inside development. Things like build office buildings, roads, and parking yards, cargo verification bays, scanner shed, passenger sheds, targeting booths, warehouse and canopies, ICT networks and hardware, furniture and institutional support has all become possible to maximize the chances of a smooth working environment and proper labor under one roof.

This new progress is being welcomed by the employees very positively as it is taking off their burden. Also there is very less loss of cargo on the routes that are governed by the OSBP as you do not have to take your cargo from here to there.


Advantages of this system

The largest plus point of the technology is the reduction of time. Then there is an increased trade and a positive image of especially Uganda which was at the introduction of this process struggling hard to ease of its border and the prices for trade.

Trade has improved since then and the government is more than appreciative for the support which UK has provided in such a hard time for this country. Other counties that received funding for this new program include Busia, Malaba, Kabanga/Kobero, Holli/Taveta and Mirama Hill/Kagitumba since 2010.

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