In a recent meeting UK giving full support to fight corruption and insurgency

Who can deny the role of UK in the African region? Especially in the fields of development and fighting food and economic problems, UK has been a major support to make the situation better in the land as well as in the offices. This means that the UK is also making efforts with the collaboration of African authorities to minimize the effects of corruption that stops the developmental process.

Many think that only South Africa plays a key role in UK Africa Cargo trade, in fact, Nigeria is equally important. The downfall of this country is due to corruption that interrupts in its growth.

Nigeria is seen as a fruitful trading partner and the recent visit of Boris Johnson, the foreign sectary for Britain and with him, Ms. Priti Patel stressed on the full support of UK for Nigeria to fight its internal problems so that it can start targeting the uphill climb towards success.

Summary of the objective of Meeting

The two officials were visiting Nigeria so as to make the bond more firm and assure Britain’s support for Nigeria in its humanitarian, developmental and military areas. Both the personals stressed on making the country more liable for trade and a better place to live for people.

It is estimated that almost every young citizen of the country has to face poverty and no job opportunities are present. For going abroad is not affordable for everyone and due to this many of them are stuck there. But leaving the place is not an answer, instead, help should be given to such a land so that it can provide every necessity the people need in its territory.

And the UK is providing help in every sector so as to raise the living standards of the people.

Nigeria’s response

The response of Vice President and the ministers was very positive towards what the UK is doing for them. The minister of Foreign Affairs said that they appreciate what is being done for them. And they look forward to increasing the relationship in Sea Cargo to Africa economic grounds.

It is very obvious now that if the economy of a country could rise, other areas will get better with the combined effort. The UK is also keen to facilitate the security challenges and terrorist threat which Africa is facing right now. Also, the team for the meeting from Nigeria responded very positively to know that there are investors and businessmen who want to do business in Nigeria.

Another step Towards Strong Ties

UK government has a very firm vision for the strong relations with African countries especially when they are approaching Brexit. This meeting could be seen as the chain of meetings going on for elimination any doubt between the two regions for trade flow.

Also, Africa is facing many uncertainties and some very urgent decisions are to be made for the agreements of trade between Britain and Africa. The problems are not only with Africa but there are some very serious problems and decisions UK government has to handle so that their personality and at the same time global ties do not get affected by a hard or an easy Brexit.

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