Kenyan Airports Authority adopts TIACA Cargo Service Quality tool

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) plans to adopt Cargo Service Quality tool, which is backed by the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).

Before moving towards the news it is important to know about the TIACA and the service developed by this organization, i.e. Cargo Service Quality tool.

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)-representation of all sectors of the air cargo supply chain

Launched in the early 1990s, TIACA aims to support, inform, and connect companies and organizations of all dimensions with another ambition of developing a well-organized, contemporary, and incorporated air cargo industry worldwide.

TIACA tries to defend every size of business, and help to figure out the policy which affects all of our members, providing a unifying voice for the industry, working for global standards, and raising the profile of air cargo.

TIACA has made this objective to inform both the public and its membership about the role and importance of air cargo, Kenya Cargo industry developments, and technical drifts.

KAA’s aim behind adopting the Cargo Service Quality

KAA says the key aim of embracing the CSQ is to define a uniform standard for assessing cargo service quality and improve the relationship between customers and service providers.

The adoption of the CSQ is expected to further anchor Kenya’s position as a logistics hub in Sub-Saharan Africa. And, people will be able to send cargo to Africa or cargo from Africa to all over the world, without encountering any difficulty.


Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) tool, an enhancement of the air cargo supply chain

TIACA has developed an online Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) tool to improve prominence and facilitate global standards throughout the air cargo supply chain. This is also a step on the way to provide shippers with the capability to view the quality of service carried out by players in air cargo supply chain.

The TIACA Cargo Quality Council (TCQC) team has been diligently working to develop a quality assessment tool that will properly record the level of service supply regardless of the geography, local conventions, size of the cargo terminal, etc.

KAA expects to procure the quality assessment Service of TIACA

Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) is likely to procure the quality assessment services of TIACA within the first quarter of next year, a move which is set to strengthen Kenya’s standing as a regional hub for transport and logistics.

KAA, which copes the advancement and maintenance of airport infrastructure, safety and security services, says it has been on the receiving end of the opposing perception associated with poor quality service at shipment sheds. The authority added that it is banking on the new approach to streamline operations at the sheds. 

The measurement of service provided by the Five Transit Sheds under KAA

There are five transit sheds under KAA’s management namely Kenya Airfreight Handling, Africa Cargo Handling, Swiss port, Siginon Freight and Trans Global Cargo Centre.

“KAA will take the initiative to pay for the service for us to subject the transit sheds and to be able to see the measurement of the kind of service they provide. Once we do that, we will be able to score based on the quality of service provided,” Michoma said.

KAA is expected to incur a cost of $5,000 (about Sh500, 000) for each transit shed annually in paying for the service from TIACA.

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