Making path to make the trade area fast and reliable

The Africa we see now didn’t exist some years from now. It was slavery and atrocity everywhere and no one imagined at that time that it will become a free continent, with global trade spreading its wing in the territory.

The good thing about this continent is that people are open to change and advancement especially in terms of Cargo technology. It is one of the countries with a fast-growing middle class which means a rise in purchasing power.

They are not only taking tools to a higher level of foreign help, internal development is also striving hard to be of service. This gradual progress has made it possible for the worldwide retailer to reach the new customers and it will certainly put a positive influence on the economy. Not only that the locals can avail overseas products, the regional goods can reach the international market.

Warehouse Mechanization

This is the most important area from the trade point of view. Anything which enters a territory stays in the warehouse for approval from the customs or until unless the consignee comes to claim it.

It has been predicted that the growth of e-commerce is going to be 40 percent in the coming time. And the area which needs most of it is trade and warehousing. Air Cargo to Africa is providing a welcoming setting for automation of warehouses using robotic technology.

For example, South Africa is already using Drone-Scan for the purpose of identifying and adding new arrivals to the data. There is a sensing device attached to the Drone to scan the barcodes of even the hard reach shelves. This way they facilitate their human workers to ease off some burden.

Address Finder Application

There should be an address present to locate the delivery point especially when you are ordering online. This is the biggest problem in Africa that there is no address located.

For this, an address finding application has been introduced to solve the problem. Kenyan startup OkHi is a unique function which has resolved the problem. By using it the program sends a coordinated route map to the dealer and the front view of the house.

Through this information, it becomes possible for the sender to deliver exactly to the target. Not only this, there are more expertise like the end-to-end delivery system and online bidding platform for transparent pricing which are serving the people successfully.

Up ranking Ports and Railways

Although seen as traditional ways of transport but it is a must for any era. Developing a strong infrastructure in this respect is unavoidable and has to be done to make the regional or even among country link stronger.

To initiate well-built relations among the African countries it is a crucial step to be taken. Seven Trans-net Port Terminals are working in Southern Africa for providing a proper tracking system and any update on the terminal.

This is not it, there is more to add in this respect. Some of the computerization has taken place and more is on the path of completion. Africa Govt. is succeeding in progressing from every aspect for becoming a flourishing economy.

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